Thursday, 22 June 2017
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4 Things You Need to Check Before Calling Your AC Repair Technician

Do you want to call an ac repair technician to fix your AC problems? Before you do that, you might want to check the unit by yourself first. No, we did not tell you to fix it on your own, especially when you are not an expert for that. In this case, we only want you to do some basic checkup which can help your AC works again. Not to mention, if this works, you can save your money. So, without further ado, here are 4 things of the AC unit your can examine by yourself.


  1. Circuit Box

The very first thing you can check is the circuit box. Just like the electricity power in our house, the breaker might be tripped off. Consequently, it makes your AC unit to stay off even though we have tried to keep pressing ON button from the remote. When you found that the breaker keeps going off, you can ask a technician why it happens. If it is not in off position, try to switch it off and on again. It aims to ensure whether the power surge is the one to blame for the issue. There is one thing you must remember before checking on the circuit box. Look whether the box has a label or not. If it turns out to have no label, call a technician to do the examination for you. It is because unlabeled circuit box can be dangerous.


  1. Thermostat

If there is nothing wrong with the circuit box, you can try to look at the thermostat. Thermostat is an item whose function is to control the temperature carried out by the air conditioner. Your AC does not produce the temperature you want? Then the improper thermostat setting can be the cause for that. What you need to do here is see if the setting is not properly done. Adjust the temperature as you like and then listen to it whether it really works or not. If the unit is using digital thermostat, then the batteries might run out. So, you can simply change them with the new ones. For your information, it is better to use the digital one since it can save more energy when you are not at home.


  1. Air Filter

Dirty air filter is another common thing which can reduce your AC performance. When the dirts are clogging at the filter, the unit will not produce cool air anymore. Hence, before this happens, it will be best for you to change it with the new one periodically. At least, do this once a month. By that, the unit will be running well and able to extend its life. What’s more is you do not have to call a technician to request air conditioner repair fairfax.


  1. Fuses

There is a fuse which seems to have different color from the others? That means it is burned out already. In order to fix it, you can just replace it with the same size and model. Do not forget to bring a sample when you want to buy it. That way will make sure that you buy the right one.


Those are all 4 basic things you can check out before doing air conditioner repair. If the AC is still not working, then you can call for a technician.

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