Saturday, 20 January 2018
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5 Signs that You Need Professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services for Your Home

In many ways, owning a home means there are many things that you have ‘to do’ and sewer and drain cleaning is one of the things that top the list. It is more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if’, and it is essential for the overall health of your house. You have to check your pipes to ensure that you spot the issues before they turn critical. Even if you are a novice when it comes to home repairs, you have to look out for these 5 signs to know whether pipe repair is around the corner.

Corroded pipes

Formicary corrosion damage of pipes most commonly results from pitting due to exposure to chlorine and presence of formaldehyde. In the course of time, these damages result in tiny holes in the pipe and obviously result in bursting or leaking. Damage from corrosion should carefully be checked out and fixed before your pipes are extensively damaged.

Slower moving sewage

Blocked toilet drain cleaning is a big problem. The acronym FOG is used by technicians to spot the kind of materials that lead to blockages from grease, fats and oils, particularly in sewer pipes. You have to invest some time to find out whether water and sewage is moving more slowly through your drains than usual. If this is the case, your drainage system might have a major obstruction that has to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Presence of limescale

In case you live in an area with hard water, large amounts of limescale can develop and block the smooth flow of water. The mineral contents of hard water build up over time. After some time, such deposits obstruct water flow. When noticed early, the limescale deposits can be taken out from the pipe. In case of delays, they cannot be removed by bathroom drain cleaning agents without causing damage to the pipes.

Obstruction from tree roots

The blockage of pipes due to the roots of trees is a major problem in homes surrounded by trees. If you have tree roots growing into your pipes, cut the roots and get rid of the issue early on. Otherwise, pipes would be severely damaged and need expensive repair or even replacement.

Maintenance issues

If you have an older home, you would have to focus on the maintenance as well. Whether it comes to the main sewer line cleaning  or the original pipes, you have to deal with everything. You have to ensure that the pipes are cleaned up well.

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