Saturday, 20 January 2018

A complete interior decoration with tribal and silk rugs

If you are looking to add an extra emotion to any room, try out tribal rugs. They can become the center piece of any large room, appearing to be pretty inappropriate for the smaller spaces. Although the pattern and style of the rug has changed to a certain extent, the base remains the same.

Even the ways of using the rugs have changed. Nomadic and simplified rugs are the most usual rugs. The tribal rug may be of 2 feet also and can move onto 8-9 feet. You can use them in the office and the home. Rugs made by those nomads are much different from the ones made by modern craftsmen. Modern craftsmen try their best to retain the looks and tend to display their craftsmanship and skill through the creative rugs. You can buy the smaller rugs to use in the bedrooms and smaller areas.

The specialties of tribal rugs

Tribal rug is the unique combination of expert craftsmanship, durability displayed with striking and bold patterns. Decorating a smaller space with the rug is an upcoming decorative trend. It has a very distinctive kind of pattern that can complement the looks of contemporary furniture. Featuring simplified geometric pattern, elegant touch and bold looks, the tribal rug can add a dramatic touch to any space.

A Persian or Oriental rug adds a great finishing touch to the room interior. Besides the flooring, you can also use the rug for other purposes. Decorators and designers can uplift the appearance of any area with the use of rugs. You can hang the rug to any wall to conceal the imperfections or discolorations. Similar can be done to floors. If there are scratches on the floor surface, you can use the rug.

Pure silk rugs to create mesmerizing interiors

Turkey is world famous for hand-woven silken rugs. Usually woven in Hereke and Kayseri, the rugs are prepared from the cocoons farmed in the region of Bursa. Silk has great tensile strength and may be twisted finely. The handmade silken rug has 1,000,000 knots per meter of the rug. 300 knots are there per inch if the rug is pure. Silken rugs are pretty expensive and are high on demand. As the threads are pretty thinner, the design will be more intricate. Knotty pattern is sure to uplift the looks.

Silk rugs online require a lot of care and attention. Silk rug is a great investment and its value is sure to improve overtime.

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