Saturday, 20 January 2018

All you want to know about antique rugs

Rugs are commonly used for providing warmth for barefoot and they also act as insulators. The noise produced while walking on the floor is avoided by using rugs. It is a natural way to provide seasonal colors and vividness to your rooms.  There are rugs of different densities which may range from 30 knots per inch to 290 knots per inch.  Area rugs are used as center pieces which give life and opulence to rooms. Most people prefer affordable Persian rugs as they are very attractive and long lasting. They are easily cleanable and add color and style to the room in which they are used.

Machine made rugs are very cheap and cannot be considered as a long term investment. Automated weaving looms are used for creating woven rugs in which yarn of different colors are sewn over a backing material. Chinese texts certify that rugs were manufactured in Persia around the year 500 BC. There are other evidences which show that rug business had flourished in Spain and Persia. Dining rooms and family rooms in the earlier period were decorated with beautiful and colorful rugs. For hallways, stairways etc runner rugs were in use in those days as well as in the present day.

Area rugs

Area rugs act as focal point of a room. They not only add color and charm, they also provide an ambience of color, texture and shape. Area rugs are usually rectangular in shape. They protect the floor and maintain the warmth of the floor, by protecting it from cold. They are often considered as wonderful pieces of artistry and they bring attractiveness to the room showcasing the attitude of the house owner.  Area rugs in front of sofas are often of the length as that of the sofa. Rugs which are dark in color or with dense patterns provide a cozy feeling to the room. It is better to use a rug pad when the rugs are used in families.

Pile rugs

Pile rugs are woven with knots.  Different types of knots are used by different groups of weavers. Piles were previously made using wool of the sheep. These days many synthetic materials are also used for making pile rugs.  Carpet weaving in the earlier days was a cultural and traditional activity of Persians form around sixth century BC. Oriental rugs were colored using natural dying agents till the development of synthetic dyes which commenced during the first and second world wars.


Although Persian rugs or the oriental rugs are very famous, they are not as costly as one may fear and they are popularly known as affordable Persian rugs. They are very cost effective and are easily available in any established market or rug shop. Some international rugs companies are having their presence in the web and one can order for antique rugs shop through these sites. They can sit relaxed in their home peacefully till the courier company comes to your door for delivery.

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