Saturday, 20 January 2018

Disc Replacement Surgery – The Best Solution to Herniated Disc

The disc replacement surgery has emerged as one of the most helpful treatment of the patient suffering from the herniated disc problem. The surgery was not very common in past but now it is very common. The advancement of technology and the rising success rate of the surgery are the main reasons for the large scale use of this process to cure a patient. However, it is not necessary that one has to go through a replacement surgery as soon as the doctor denotes the ailment as the herniated disc. There are a number of criteria that has to be matched for one to go through this surgery. In this article you will find all such information to clear out your doubt on the fact.

Who Requires Disc Replacement Surgery?

  • All cases of ruptured, herniated or slipped disc do not require surgery. The physician would recommend the surgery only to such patients who suffers either from a degeneration caused by the aging of the body or due to some idiopathic reasons. Idiopathic reasons cause genetic, congenital or reasons posed by environmental conditions. This usually becomes severe for the patients who require the surgery.
  • The next case when a patient is advised to go through a surgery is when he or she does not respond to any other forms of treatment. Such treatments are physical therapy, massage, specialized pain therapies that include injections, blocks, radiofrequency electrical nerve stimulation etc. The only option left for the person is to go through the surgery.

People at times consider the conservative treatments more effective and safe over the replacement. The next part of the article would give you a vivid idea on this context.

The Advantages of the Disc Replacement Surgery

  • It has been found in most of the cases that the pain and cases of disability is much less in the cases where surgery was performed. The pain and the disability rate were considered significant clinically. The other traditional methods had more chances of impairment in such cases.
  • The degenerative effects of the surgery have been found to be nominal. The degenerative effect rate though has been found the same with the other traditional treatments, a significant change in the joints have been discovered in most cases of the traditional treatments. This risk factor has been reduced almost to null in case of the replacement.

Your local orthopedic doctors  would definitely guide you through the right way once you visit them with your problem of back pain.

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