Saturday, 20 January 2018


Wedding is a special event so for adding more beauty to it, one must hire wedding tents rentals. One must make booking in advance if they need to rent a tent for their wedding. If the venue lies in open area, then the wedding tents must be rented. For the outdoor parties, one cannot predict the changes in climate so wedding tent is important.

Budget and number of people attending the event must be considered

Before selecting any wedding tent, one must consider the budget factor as there will be many tents which are expensive too. So first the size of the tent needed, must be checked.

According to the number of people attending the wedding, whether the lunch or dinner will be buffet or seated must be looked. All these factors will be considered and the tent size should be decided accordingly.

The best shape of tent which is suggested generally is a square tent, as it has taller ceiling and it keeps the tent cool. This allows the guests feel comfortable when seated in square shaped tent. After deciding the number of people attending the wedding, then look for the type of tent.

The most popular types of tents are pole tent and frame tent. But before selecting keep in mind about the space and budget. Pole tents have swooping roof and are less expensive but the poles are obstacles. These tents don’t need much time to setup but needs clearance around it as the anchors must be placed into the ground. While frame tens can be placed on any surface and can be attached. These are a bit expensive when compared to the pole tens. The setup time is more and can be left for long time.

Many things to look after in a wedding

Apart from tents there are many things which are important in a wedding. There are many rental companies which provide entire necessary thing for wedding like flooring, lighting, crockery, decoration, heating and cooling, tables, chairs and many more. These rental companies make sure to arrange everything when ordered. For flooring one can get full ground flooring or just the dance floor. For lighting there are many options available. They can ask the rental company people to hang them and remove them after the wedding so that they do not get damaged. Wedding Rental Company nyc will do the best for one’s wedding and their clients can relax as they will supervise each and everything.

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