Saturday, 16 December 2017


The Hip replacement surgery is done by expert hip surgeon so as to reduce the hip pain and to increase the mobility. Once the surgery is performed, the person can improve his daily activities and also improve the quality of his life.

Replacement is done only when other medications does not cure the pain

The hip replacement surgery is done to the people who have damage in hip joints. This causes severe pain and difficulty in performing daily activities.

Hip replacement is playing important role in many people’s life as this treatment delivers best results. Surgeon first looks for non surgical treatments and suggests for walking and other medications. When this fails, only then he suggests for hip replacement.

Osteoarthritis is the most common problem faced by many people. Nowadays hip replacement surgery is done to younger people also, while previously it was done for the people who are aged. Many artificial parts are available in the market which lets a person withstand the stress as well as strain.

Hip replacement is critical

The hip replacement takes a long time of about one to two hours where the hip is replaced traditionally. The side muscles are cut and the damaged bone is removed from the hip joint. Then the artificial parts are placed by the surgeon. The artificial parts will allow a person to move his legs freely.

The health condition and the weight are also considered before the surgery. The replaced parts may be made of cement. These parts are fastened to the original existing healthy bone in the hip and are attached with glue. Before the surgery, many things are considered by the surgeon. They check the blood pressure and the sugar levels of the person who will be undergoing the surgery. They check if the person has any other medical conditions like heart disease or any allergies.

After the surgery is performed one must make sure to follow the instructions of the doctor and then take physical therapy for few months. The person will not be allowed to move from bed for few days and will be asked not to climb stairs. In case the person does not follow the instructions there are chances that the bone gets dislocated. The hip surgeon at McLean suggest small exercises for the movement of the leg which are not strain full and they give special instructions as well.


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