Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to create an effective team for accomplishing the goal?

Collaboration is the technique of working with other members who share the same goal. In this recursive process, two or more people work together as team work to realize the same goal. It needs a collective determination to realize the goal. If the task cannot be completed by an individual person, you have to formulate a team. An effective team work can allow the accomplishment of the goal. A successful team needs proper planning and the right thought process. Making effective team work is more about defined goals and outcomes, apt and correct skills to gain success. There are many techniques of formulating an effective team work.

The goal oriented approach

If you are a team leader, trying to create a team work, you need to determine the exact goal. The common or shared goal must be the central focus of everyone. A strong task orientation can allow the members head towards the goal confidently.

Promoting interdependency

Since all have joined together to attain a common goal, there is no room for self-dependence. Interdependency plays a major role while accomplishing a common goal. Each and every group member must know that whatever they do contributes towards the bigger picture. Try and discourage the personal competition.

Measuring the outcomes

A team work becomes more productive when the outcome is evaluated and measured. A certain standard of excellence needs to be established. Everyone must understand what the target is and how far they have contributed towards it.

Motivating the team to accept differences

This is the key to formulating a successful team work. Teamwork is more about the individual skill where each person is unique. Each and every person brings up unique value, talent and way of communicating. Everyone has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Building a unified team requires that one must be taught to appreciate the talent or the style of others.

The need for problem solving skills

Make sure that every team member has a creative mind and not a destructive one. Problem solving skill is very crucial in attaining team’s success. Try and judge the skills of every team member and then offer the training.

Stressing on the goal of the team

Keep reminding your team members about the team goal. Try and use words like ‘what’, ‘why’ to keep both the mission and the vision fresh.

Collaboration is the key to success. If the team members are able to make a rapport between them, the team goal will be attained easily.

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