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Know more about the 5 different stages of hip surgery

Search for an experienced Hip surgeon VA is important for the people who are suffering from the hip pain and various different ailments of the hip. In this kind of surgery, the hip joint is generally substituted by a prosthetic implant. This surgery is conducted by the hip doctor to give relief from the severe fracture or arthritis pains in the hip joint.

The are different stages of surgery which need to be followed by the patients to recovered after the operation.

Five recovery stages of hip surgery

There are numerous ways in which the surgery can be conducted to operate the patients. Generally, the procedure is chosen depending on the area of surgery and type of slit has to be made. Among all the procedures which worth mentioning here are the antero-lateral approach, the lateral approach, the anterior approach posterior approach, and the minimally-invasive approach. The recovery time also depends on the type of surgery made. Here are five stages of recovery is stated.

  • Recovery room: Just after the operation the patient will be transferred to the recovery room. He will be under anaesthesia and have no consciousness.
  • Intensive care unit (ICU): After the two hours when he will be recovered from the early state of surgery, he can be transferred to the intensive care unit for betterment. Though this depends on the patient’s condition and the doctor himself. Generally, a patient has to be in this room for 24 hours.
  • Rest of the stay: After releasing from the ICU, the patient will be shifted to the general bed for medications and post surgery treatments. For some patients, the doctor prescribes to start the physiotherapy in this stage of recovery as well.
  • The initial stage at home: In this stage of recovery the patients will be transferred to the home. Because in this stage patients need more personal care and should be in touch with his family members. Apart from the medicines, starting of physiotherapy is so equally important. He should start practising walking with the help of walker or crutches.
  • Long-term recovery: Even after several weeks of surgery the patients should be in the recovery stage. At this stage, he can walk or do the works normally. But the medicines and the exercises should be done regularly to recover properly.

These are the common five stages of recovery but the exact process of recovery can be told by an expert hip doctor woodbridge. So if you are experiencing any kind of ailments in your hip joint contact him immediately.

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