Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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Real Estate Agent DC: 5 Ways To Make Your House More Attractive For Buyers

When you decide to sell a house, you want to sell it fast, right? Real estate agent DC report that it’s possible to do it, but you need to do a number of things to make the house more attractive. Some of the things that you need to do include:

Declutter the house

There is nothing that will put off potential buyers than a dirty house. The house might be clean, but it will look dirty if you have plenty of stuff lying around. For you to create space and make the house more attractive, you need to get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

You should get rid of any item that doesn’t add to the feel of the house and put it in storage. You can also give the staff to a friend.

While you should get rid of the excess stuff, don’t leave the house looking like a generic hotel—leave some personality. This calls for you to leave the curtain on, your favorite couch in place, and any other thing that makes the house feel like a home.

Put on some paint

Paint is cheap and goes a long way at transforming a house. Paint has been shown to give the house a clean look which gives a good first impression.

Most buyers have reported that the new paint helps them to imagine how they would adapt their rooms to the color.

When choosing the paint, go for one that is lighter and makes the house look bigger. This calls for you to go for neutral colors.

Repair and clean the house

If your house is old or you have lived in it for a long time, chances are that there are broken parts or the house is dirty. For you to make the house more attractive you need to fix the damaged parts. Fix holes in the walls, cracked tiles, broken doorknobs, torn carpets, and any other issues that might be there.

When buyers buy a house, the last thing they want is to undertake house repairs. Don’t allow this and increase the appeal of the house by fixing even the most minor issues.

In addition to repairing the house, you also need to clean it until it sparkles. You need to get rid of limescale, wax the wooden floors, get rid of the odors, among many other things that give the house a perfect clean look.

The purpose of cleaning the house is to make it appealing and allow the new owners to imagine living there.

While you are at it, remember to tidy up the garden. You should cut back the bushes, clean the patio, mow the lawn, and any trim the hedges.

Give the kitchen a new look

The kitchen is one of the most active parts of the house and many people pay attention to it. Most families, especially those with children spend a lot of time in the kitchen hence they pay close attention to it when making the purchase.

One of the ways of giving the kitchen a new look is by refacing the kitchen cabinetry. The cool thing with it is that it’s cheap and it greatly transforms your kitchen when done right.

If you have the resources, you should consider updating the countertops. You can install completely new countertops or repair the ones that are already in place.

Be considerate of the countertops that you install. As rule of thumb, avoid installing expensive countertops as you might not get your money back. You also should declutter the kitchen surfaces and only leave the necessary items.

Allow more light and air in the house

The house shouldn’t be stuffy; therefore, you should allow as much air in as much as possible. To do so you need to open the windows and other airways in the house.

To light up the house, consider installing mirrors in the house. The cool thing is that the mirrors also come in handy at making the house appear bigger than it really is.

Are there dark corners in the house? Seller’s agent DC recommend that you install lamps there.

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