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Show Down: Window Film VS. Window Shades

Window films and window shades are both popular in their own accord. Commercial window tinting is very much in demand for both car windows and for household and commercial buildings as well. However, this does not make the window shades any less popular amongst the customers. With so many options to choose from, it is definitely challenging for people to reach a final choice. Window tinting commercial use is just as effective and great as getting shades and blinds. So how to find out what each type of window treatment is the best one to pick? The ultimate way to do so is by look at each type of window treatment in comparison to one another.

Window Shades

Let’s begin with window shades and blinds. This is the traditional way of covering the windows at homes and offices. We all commonly use or have used curtains or blinds at some point in our lives. Let’s look at some of the common things that blinds and window curtains can do for window tinting commercial basis.

  • Privacy

Of course the first thing that curtains do for us is provide and maintain privacy of our homes. Curtains and blinds can easily be controlled to cover and uncover the windows as per will.

  • Internal Temperature

Another thing for which curtains have been helpful for years is the regulation of the internal household temperature. The thick curtains or drapes are very effective to block out sunlight and heat. This is definitely effective in keeping the internal temperature low and well-maintained.

  • Visually Beautiful

A very important thing that window blinds does is enhance the overall beauty of your house or office. People are very particularly for the type of window shades they want; color, texture and design are all considered very carefully. All this is done in effort to make the windows look visually appealing and nice.

Window Film              

So what are window films? How are they different from standard window shades and curtains? How can we compare the both? It is fairly easy to answer all that. Windom films is a very popular and preferred method of commercial window tinting; for several reasons. So let’s take a look at how window films differ from window shades.

  • Cost

The one thing that is evidently different between window drapes and films is the price. Tinting is thought to be expensive but in comparison to shades and blinds; it is definitely a much cheaper and cost-effective option.

  • Low Maintenance

Another highlight trait of window films is that they require minimal maintenance. You will never need to wash or dry out filmed windows whilst it is virtually impossible to go by a few months without washing the curtains.

  • Sun Heat Blockage

We all know how windows shades and curtains are effective to block out sunlight, harmful UV rays and heat. But did you know that window tints are at least 3 times more effective in this job? An average calculation reveals that tinted windows are as effective as blocking out almost 99 percent of heat – this is surely massive! Using residential window tinting can help.

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