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Solving the Common Issues of your Refrigerator or Ice-Machines at Home

True refrigerator repair begins by identifying the core issues of the machine. It is a process where you would need to look at the symptoms or identify what is happening and then you would reach the root of the issue. Most of the professionals follow the same work pattern and they would identify the issue with your refrigerator or ice-machine. You can also solve many issues yourself by following some simple and basic issues.

Some Common Issues and their Troubleshooting Guide

Water Leakage under Refrigerator

You would notice a regular water pools under the refrigerator and there is no specific reason for the issue. This becomes a regular problem and you might think of calling for some help of professional.

How to Solve?

There may be a clogged or blocked defrost or water drain. This can happen if particles of food and other debris clogging the pipe. You can clear this pipe easily by pouring some hot water from inside of the freezer or with help of some straight tough object that would push the clogged items. If still your issue is not solved and you see some water around the area you would need to open up the pipe from other end and work to clean it.

Refrigerator or Ice Machine cycling too often or almost continuously

You would hear the machine functions continuously without pause or runs more times than it used to before.

How to Solve?

There are two reasons for a machine to keep of cycling or cycle more often. The first reason is, there may be dust build up around condenser coil. You would need to pull out the covering or unscrew them and take a vacuum cleaner to clear the dust. If still the issue is not solved, check if you have not set the temperature of machine too low. When a machine is set on low temperature it would force machine to work overtime and many of food items also gets spoiled.

You can yourself solve out many common issues with your refrigerator or ice machine by going through a troubleshoot guide. If you do not find troubleshoot guide useful you can take help of online troubleshooting guide and lookout if it is solving the issue for you. You can also find a Scotsman ice repair virginia. guide to find if there are similar issues listed. But, in case you are not able to find any similar issues to what you are facing in troubleshoot guide, you should call for a professional help and get your product repaired.

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