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Steps on chimney brick repair and maintenance

When there are minor structural damages on your brick chimney, you will need chimney brick repair. Due to harsh weather conditions, there can be damages all through the chimney structure. If the damage is just minor, then you don’t need the help of a professional. You can follow the tips stated below to carry out the brick repair.

The need for cleaning the debris

To identify the exact problem area or find the damaged area on the chimney, you have to scoop out the debris in your chimney. To have the perfect look of the chimney, you must necessarily remove every trace of loose bricks. To break away the loose mortar or brick, you need to use hammer along with the chisel. Make use of paint brush in order to sweep away the debris.

Wet the region

After you have removed all the debris and loose mortar, it is time to moist the repair spots. You need to soak a sponge in water and place on the problem spots. Leave the sponge for 15-20 minutes so that the problem spots become moist. Make sure, you do not drench the chimney mortar. Along with this, you should also wet the bricks that need to be replaced.

How to repair the surface?

Now comes the time to repair the surface. All you need to do is mix up one portion of cement and two parts of sand in the wheelbarrow. On the first piece of chimney brick, place 1 inch of mortar layer. Now, place 1 inch of mortar on the area where you need to place the brick. To reduce the chimney mortar size, press the brick. Make sure, you spread the mortar on the three sides of the brick so that the brick stays on its place.

Repairing the cracks on the chimney brick

If the chimney brick has cracks over it, you need to repair the cracks. Just knock out or remove cracked mortar with the help of hammer and a chisel. Make sure, you break out ½ inch of mortar which is along the brick. Then, just wet the mortar and brick and slide the fresh mortar into the cracked region. The falling mortar may be caught with a trowel. After you fill up the cracks, smooth out the area.

If you are not confident about chimney masonry repair you can consider taking help from a professional. A professional can carry out the repair in a perfect manner to avoid future problems.

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