Saturday, 20 January 2018
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Stone Outdoor Fireplace – Setting It Up Properly

Before you plan to purchase the stone outdoor fireplace, there are quite a few issues that need to be sorted out.

Focusing on the stone outdoor fireplace design

Being made from hard stone, these outdoor fireplaces are extremely heavy in terms of weight. If the parts are to be shipped, be ready to spend some good amount as shipping cost. If you plan on picking them all by yourself, you would surely need some extra people to get them carried. Again, labor charge wouldn’t be avoided unless you get help from your near and dear ones.

Look for add-ons

There are several kinds of add-ons that could be incorporated to the fireplace. The fireplace could be used as an effective grilling device. You could be barbecuing at the heart of the nature with the help of this fireplace. There are special add-ons available to make the fireplace become a barbequing grill device.

The primary source for heat

What would be the exact source from which the heat will get generated? This is a crucial factor to consider. There would be three options in this regard: Wood, Electric, and Gas. Wood is probably the best source for heat. It would produce real flames but at the same time, woods are quite expensive these days. Gas and Electric sources never produce real flames and only try to mimic the actual one. Using electricity as a heat source would result in increasing the electricity bill amount. Using Gas as the necessary heating source will increase your gas bill.

Selecting the location

It is another crucial part to consider while you plan to install the outdoor fireplace. Plan well in advance as to where you want to install the fireplace. The best place to get it positioned is at the point where everybody could be able to view it. The heat should also be distributed evenly. Focusing on the BTU rating would help in getting this part perfectly determined. Every fireplace comes with a BTU rating. It should be mentioned somewhere at the outer body.

Get assembled properly

It could be seriously a tedious job when trying to assemble the stone outdoor fireplace. You simply cannot ignore the weight factor of these stones. More importantly, positioning is the key. You might feel uncomfortable to get the assembling part carried out all by yourself. Never worry! Simply hire a professional outdoor fireplace contractor long island to handle the situation perfectly.

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