Saturday, 20 January 2018

Tips on how to buy a quality Afghan Hand-knotted rug

Afghan Hand knotted rug is quintessential, beautiful and a sheer representation of class. It is the result of supreme dedication and perseverance that make these rugs one of the most elegant home decor items. The afghan weavers after facing much difficulty and turmoil still continue to produce this classic piece of rugs for quite a long time. If you want to decorate your property with a rug which can be the thing of envy for your guests and neighbours then afghan rugs can be the best pick for you.

Why are afghan rugs inevitable and popular item for home decor?

The bright and colourful collection of rugs attracts everyone. No one can ignore the charismatic beauty of these rugs. These rugs have everything, which you may look in any rug for decorating home. It has antique look, i.e. traditional bonding coupled with alluring artwork of the master craftsmen and bohemian designs. The best part is that you can have a plethora of designs and shades of colour, which will go appropriately with your interior décor or the theme of the decoration. These rugs are not only a true example of class and craftsmanship but also very durable as well and if they upkeep properly then they can serve for a longer period of time.

Buying guide of the afghan rugs

The ideal way to get a best and top quality rug is to contact a good and renowned dealer. However, you also need to check the product properly before buying. Follow the steps cited here to get perfect rug:

  • First you need to measure the area that you want to cover with the rug and depending on that you should start finding a product in the shop or online store.
  • Furthermore, you have to see that which design whether the traditional or modern will be appropriate to go with the interior theme of your house. Based on that you should start selecting.
  • A good and best quality rug should lie back straight and flat except a few irregularities. It should be regular in shape and made up of rich wool. Your rug must be a true example of a perfect assembly of the colours. A good Afghan Hand-knotted rug should not have unnatural shine or harshness. You need to check these minute details while buying from the dealer.
  • Except above mentioned points the quality of the wool to create the rug is also need to be considered. Search well whether it is hand spun or machine spun, and what kind of dyes are used either natural or synthetic.

So to get a top quality product, you need to check these things before buying an Afghan Hand knotted rug Virginia.

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