Friday, 24 May 2024

7 Mistake People Make When Hiring Wedding Vendors And Rentals

Getting started with your wedding preparation? There are a few things you should know before. Here are some of the most common mistakes couples make when researching and hiring wedding party rentals and vendors.

Being Too Hasty During the Selection Process

We know you want to start preparing for the big day as soon as possible, but hear us out: wait until you have looked into and finalized the perfect venue to host the auspicious event. Deciding on the venue will automatically finalize the date for the wedding, allowing you to plan your search for the perfect vendor well in advance of the actual event. Pre vendor hiring is also a great time to formulate the official wedding budget that will go towards vendor expenses, allowing you to shortlist a list of possible candidates within your range.

Not Inquiring About Approved Vendors from The Venue

Many wedding venues maintain a list of “approved vendors”. These are professionals who have planned several successful weddings at this very venue in the past

This is a godsend for a lot of customers, in that it saves them both time and effort that word otherwise second into researching a suitable vendor. This, however, should not limit your choice. So, if you have a vendor you have already fallen in love with but who is not approved to work at your venue, it’s better to look for another place to host your wedding than compromise on your first choice of vendor.

Not Paying Heed to Past Customer Reviews

This is important! Because, who better to tell you about a vendor’s or rental’s professional prowess then the couple they have worked for in the past.

Not Being Transparent About Your Budget Limitations

Many couples, unfortunately, have the tendency to straight up lie about their wedding budget, probably in an attempt to come off as well to do, not knowing the consequences it would have on their wedding preparations. We cannot reiterate this enough: be upfront about your wedding finances so your vendor is perfectly aware how much cash they are working with, and avoid overspending.

Just like you inquire from a table and chair rental about their pricing or package information, be open about sharing your budget as well. If the gap between the two figures is too much, then it is better not to waste time. However, provided a slight difference, you will be surprised how many vendors come up with creative ways to accommodate client’s needs.

Not Seeking Consultation from The Vendor In-Person

Proud that you have done your research and come up with the perfect vendor to take on your wedding project? Forget about how the reviews paint them online. It is extremely important for you to meet up with the wedding rental in person before booking them. Physically interacting with someone will tell you a lot about their personality, the ideals and work ethic, and whether not they are even compatible with you.

Not Analyzing the Contract in Minute Detail

Make no mistake, the contract that you just signed with your wedding vendor is a legally-binding document, and it is in your best interest if you don’t just breeze through it. Don’t forget to take your time in going through it before you put the pen down. Better yet, get a second pair of eyes to give it an overview as well. We can understand your excitement when you are this close to the biggest day of your life, but if you are confused about something in the contract, get it cleared up now rather than regret it later.

Not Obtaining A Detailed Timeline from The Vendor

So, what happens once the contract is signed? That varies from vendor to vendor, so you better make yourself aware of how it works. A few vendors will start working on your big day without wasting any time, while others will only contact you a certain number of days before the actual event. In either case, make sure you are fully aware about their timeline pertaining to your event. A good vendor will take you through the steps they will take to accomplish their part of the deal, granted they are willing to pay attention.

Now that you are aware of the biggest blunders people make when hiring wedding tent rentals MD and other vendors, we hope it will keep you from making the same mistakes.

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