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8 Ways You Are Ruining Your Home’s Drain And Plumbing

Just like many others, you surely do not give regard to the plumbing and drainage issues in your home. You think that once you have installed your drain pipes and sewerage, you are free for the lifetime now. But it is wrong, you need to take care of your plumbing and pipes as they are the basis of your internal drainage system and if something goes wrong then the pipes could leak or crack causing water wastage. And if there is a clog, there could be a slow water in the drain or a severe water backup and in severe cases a bursting of the pipe which could lead to unavoidable problems which would require immediate help from rooter services. Also do you know, you are ruining your home’s drain and plumbing deliberately? How is it happening? Read below to find out.

By not getting your drains and plumbing inspected and assessed by an expert plumber on an annual basis

An annual drain inspection can pinpoint small issues and can be repaired easily whereas if not done can turn into severe issues which can be really expensive.

By discarding grease down your sink drains

After cooking, you generally tend to discard the grease which is fats, oil or butter by washing down your sink. You think it’s harmless as you are washing it down so it will run down the drain. You are destroying your drain pipes because all the grease and fats cools down as it passes down your pipes and accumulates on the insides of the pipes and catches other small substances passing down leading to big clogs in the future.

By using drain cleaning chemical liquids

You surely are tempted by the promising advertisements of the drain cleaners which say that they clear your clogs in one go. They might do as they promise but a lot more, they can cause chemical reactions inside your pipes and drains leading to leaks and cracks in your drain pipes and the harsh chemicals can ruin your pipes internally.

By flushing down small objects

If you have small kids in your home then this is not their fault as small kids flush down small objects such as toothbrushes, small pieces of soap, small toys, pens and other stuff because they do not understand it’s wrong. Besides the kids sometimes you also treat the toilet as a dust bin by flushing down sanitary napkins, baby wipes, paper towels and other things. These things get stuck in the drain and lead to major clogs for which the plumber will charge you a handsome amount.

By specializing in DIYs

You must be some sort of DIY freak who saves a lot of money by doing DIY projects for almost anything. But in the case of plumbing you should never go for DIY as you can destroy your drain pipes completely. You might join two pipes together wrong or fix it too tight for which you will eventually have to call in a plumber and pay a huge amount of bill.

By treating the garbage disposal as your dustbin

Most of the drainage problems are due to the misuse of the garbage disposal. You think that your garbage disposal can break down all sorts of food debris into minute pieces but in truth it breaks it into small pieces which also get stuck in the drain pipes. Some of the peels such as potato peels are starchy in nature which tend to increase the clogs.

By leaving your hoses connected in the winters

If you are living in areas where the winters are less than zero, then before the winters start you need to disconnect the hoses from the tap. If not done, then the taps could freeze and can also burst.

By using drop bomb toilet fresheners

While toilet fresheners are supposed to be a good thing as they give out a pleasant fragrance but the drop in ones can lead to chemical reactions and destroy your pipes and drainage system.

In future, avoid all the stuff that you have done to destroy your drainage system and pipes. The most important thing for your drainage is to get it inspected by a professional drain cleaning service Westchester.

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