Friday, 14 June 2024

Join the fantasy eyewear brand named Oakley

The Oakley brand has come a long way indeed after being founded in 1975. Oakley Sunglasses are indeed among the finest in ambiance, color, shades and popularity, adored by the high fashionistas of the celebrity world. Would you fancy one of those luscious frames and tints that may cost around $340 for the Carbon Shift Polarized for men? The Mainlink models are more affordable. The truth is that far more expensive models do abound while cost effective pairs often steal the limelight. Perhaps the persons who wear them rather than the sunglasses themselves ultimately matter!

A zealous sporting world

Sportswear too is a hallmark of the Oakley brand, with people nowadays getting more and more passionate about sports, a wise policy indeed in terms of better health and saving the planet, rather than surrender to destructive substance abuse habits. The Oakley brand has inspired sundry sports personalities. Fashions do motivate and we realize really how much through adverts and movies. Bicycles and helmets, T-shirts and pads, this mighty company does manufacture them all.

Something unusual happened in Chile in 2010 when 33 miners remained imprisoned underground for long. When they finally emerged, they needed protection from light and Oakley was requested to donate sunglasses. The donation of 35 Radar sunglasses with special tints protected them all. Oakley supplies sunglasses to the US military and law departments.

The Oakley phenomenal rise

Founder Jim Jannard set the ball rolling with $300. Oakley was his dog! He manufactured several products like the handgrip from a material called Unobtainium that he created. In 1980 came a pair of goggles that used the brand name Oakley. Soon Jannard had commenced the manufacture of ski goggles too.

When Oakley transformed into a public limited company in 1995, the company was valued at $820 million. Oakley teamed up with Fox Racing to manufacture eyewear and acquired Oliver Peoples Group in 2006. Now Luxottica from Italy merged with Oakley in a $2.1 billion deal. Oakley reached the heights of Ray Ban and Vogue amongst international stalwarts of fashion and industry.

Among the largest manufacturers of Oakley Sunglasses and other sports goods globally, the target was achieved within a brief three decades! An inspiring tale with such a humble beginning is indeed hard to find in the annals of business empires. Having reached several countries through export agreements, Oakley is poised to grow eternally. Perhaps the stunning range of sunglass fashions would inspire more business empires like Oakley.

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