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2016 Republican Presidential Polls: Fiorina And Carson Gain, Trump Still Leading

The latest 2016 Republican presidential polls report that, despite wide belief that former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina won the second GOP debate overall, controversial frontrunner Donald Trump still enjoys a significant lead.

GOP debate and presidential polls report

It bears noting that the Morning Consult poll reflects a sample of only 504 registered voters with a 4.4% margin of error. However, with the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primaries on the horizon, every result is worth noting. That especially includes mentioning that Fiorina’s support seems to have grown at the expense of rising neurosurgeon candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s backing.

 Underdogs And Outsiders

Trump led the GOP polls prior to the Sept. 16 CNN debate with 33% with Carson riding in a distant second with 17%. In the immediate aftermath, Trump’s support swelled to 36% support, Carson’s dipped to 12% to hold him in second place, but Fiorina’s refusal to back down from Trump in her first main-stage debate showing grew her support from 3% before to 10%, nipping at Carson’s heels.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio gained ground from 2% pre-debate to 9% after to claim fourth place, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is holding on to fifth place with 7% support, but the three leading non-politicians – a boisterous real estate mogul, a neurosurgeon, and a former corporate executive – hold a combined 58% of the GOP vote.

 Trump “Loses” But Leads

It may be even more telling that the current leader of the pack survived being ganged up on by his fellow candidates, lost the debate, and still leads.

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Despite a close “race”, 24% of polled voters placed Trump in second place. Only 7% of voters believe Carson won with his even, carefully chosen answers. The real winner? Fiorina. It is the most obvious poll result which was anticipated by the public throughout the United States. You can refer to the poll to know more about election result.

A 29% plurality handed Fiorina the debate’s overall win, but it may not be her greatest prize. In the aftermath, her 37% favorability skyrocketed to 56% compared to her 28% “unfavorable” rating. Carson is currently holding steady with 79% favorability ahead of Trump’s own 67% rating. GOP polls currently show only 30% of voters viewing Trump unfavorably headed into late 2015.

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