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6 Things To Consider When Selecting A Furnace

Preparing your house for winters? Need to buy the perfect furnace for your house? Well, visit HVAC companies right now and get your hands on a brand new furnace. Below is the guide on buying the best furnace for your house this winter.


Before you buy a furnace for your house, make sure to call the experts from furnace services to look around your house, keep all the factors in mind and determine which size of the furnace would be suitable for your house. Getting the right-sized furnace is highly necessary for great performance because if it’s too small for the house, it would fail to properly heat the house and you will end up overspending your money on its fuel to make it generate more and more energy which would be of no use as the furnace would only produce heat which it would be capable of. Whereas, if the furnace would be too large, it would overheat your house and add so much amount to your electricity bills.

Fuel Type

Furnaces are operated by fuels such as natural gas, coal, wood or fuel oil whereas, some furnaces use electricity to operate. However, the most common and widely used fuel is natural gas because of its easy availability. As by our research, gas and oil furnaces tend to work the best in every size of house. These are also inexpensive as compared to other sources. Gas furnaces are though a little expensive to buy and install but, this cost is compensated in its cheap fuel. if we talk about electric furnaces, they are available at cheaper prices but cost double the amount to function.

While choosing a fuel type, also keep in mind the factor of fluctuating prices of them. Other than the price of gas, the price of other fuels keeps on fluctuating that can put you in extreme tensions so, think carefully and take a decision wisely.


While searching for the right furnace, the factor of higher efficiency is very important because you would certainly not want to invest in an appliance that is not even efficient enough in its purpose. So, it is a must to check the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of every furnace that you are interested in. Higher the AFUE rating is, the higher is the efficiency of the furnace. Furnaces with higher efficiency result in cutting down your annual heating bills. A furnace is an important investment so, go for the one that makes life easier and stress-free for you. Do a good search, have a look at different furnaces (and their AFUE ratings as well) and pick the one that you find the best one for your house.

HEPA Filter

Filters are a chief component of furnaces as they are responsible for purifying the inner atmosphere by blocking the way of dust and dirt to your house which makes it a safer place for you and your family. Sometimes, with poor filters, harmful allergens also make their way into the house through the filters that can cause allergies, asthma and respiratory issues in humans. So, look for the furnace that has HEPA filters because these are the best filters that strictly obstruct the entry of dust particles into the house.

Total Owner Cost (TOC)

You just cannot buy a furnace without leaving this factor considered. TOC or total ownership cost includes the price that would be cost in the purchase, installation, repair and maintenance of the furnace. It is an essential factor because there are several furnaces in the market that requires a lot of costly maintenance and repair which everyone cannot afford. But, there are also many furnaces with low maintenance demand so, look for such furnaces to keep yourself in budget after the installation of the furnace.

Seek Professional Help

Professionals can help you pretty easily in getting the best furnace for your house while keeping all of the aforementioned factors in their mind and in less time as well. So, if you fail to find the perfect one, seek professional help.

You should never compromise on quality over quantity and which is why these factors are important to look for while visiting furnace services Falls Church to buy a furnace.

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