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Ceramic vs. Marble Flooring

Ceramic and marble tiles come in various colors and textures which are often used for designing floors. Marble tiles mostly come in black and white with different striations while ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colors. So, what tile works best for your house? To help you decide, we have listed the pros and cons of ceramic and marble tiles.

Ceramic or Marble Flooring? Which is best

ECONOMICAL FACTOR – Marble is expensive because it has to be mined and cut into tiles. This increases the cost. It takes less time to install, but needs extra baseboard support. Ceramic grouts range between 3/16 inches to half an inch, whereas marble tiles come with 1/16th inch of the grout line. Installation cost is cheaper for ceramic tiles as it does not need experts to install.

MAINTENANCE – The glaze on ceramic tiles protect the tile from wearing off and is maintenance free. Marble tiles are of superior quality but require more maintenance because it can easily leave stains due to its porous surface. Therefore, resin sealer should be used and sealed after few months. Marble tiles need to be cleaned every year to remove stains. One can get glazed marble tiles these days. It is also softer which can result in cracks. Marble keeps the house cool in summers, but can keep the room cold in winters. Since it can leave stain, use a mild detergent to clean the marble floor almost every day. Non yellowing wax can be used to give that extra stain proof layer. On the other hand, ceramic tiles do not need a professional to install. But once chipped off, it is difficult to be repaired or resurfaced.

DURABLE – Both tiles are durable but are prone to different damages. Marbles can withstand cold, while ceramic tiles may not be a good option in winter. Ceramic flooring can easily get cracks while marble tiles can get scratches and dents. Ceramic tiles are best suited for bathroom, kitchen, outside areas like patio as these areas are more exposed to moisture. On the other hand, sealed marble tiles last longer when used for kitchen cabinets. Both tiles have a long-lasting effect.

– Some home re-modelers say marble is more environment-friendly because it is a natural stone that has been mined and cannot deplete. The Eco-friendly nature of ceramic depends on how it has been manufactured.

Before selecting the tiles, consider how the space will be used – is it for outdoors, exposure to moisture, location, etc. Whether you are going for stunning marble tiles or exquisite looking ceramic tiles, get in touch with a reputed tile installer or home remodeling.

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