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The causes of the heart attack

The heart attack symptoms are caused due to the congestion in the flow of the blood that has actually to be a smooth flow. The symptoms of the heart attack would be the tight feel on the breathing or a slight pain in the chest. There might be confusion between the pain in the chest caused due to the stress for some time or the start of the massive heart attack. A crucial pain that is observed in the neck or the jaw might be seen as the symptoms of the heart attacks. The pain that might be also felt at the back, also there might be skipping of the breath that might be seen.

Other symptoms were apart from the common chest pain:

There can also be the symptoms as a slight burning sensation in the heart or feeling of nausea, the digestion that erupts or even the breathing not being normal. The perspiration also can be the symptom of the heart attack. During the symptoms such as these as discussed above, most of the times they are ignored saying that it would be another ache in the part of the body. There has to be care taken in this regard accordingly.

The cases where the symptoms don’t get seen:

There are many cases where there would be no symptom at all, and there would be a sudden heart attack faced by the person. These may occur without the intimation towards the cardiac arrest. However, others have severe pain and such that they would be unable to express the pain eventually leading to the death of the person. There can be a symptom of the heart pumping fast and going low when the same has no option to pump more. There can be low in the blood pressure that may be due to the stress that occurs due to the pressure on the heart may be through the thoughts or the cholesterol.

Reasons for heart attack with less possible ways:

There may be heart attacks that may be due to the weakness and also dizzy feeling caused due to heavy and stressful work. There would also be a feeling low on the head that would also be a symptom of the heart attack. There has to be a care taken in any case as these symptoms would be recurring to give the idea that there may be a heart attack.

There are heart attacks that occur very suddenly and also may be with the symptoms that are discussed above!

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