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15 Different Types Of Balayage Highlights

The trend of balayage which was initiated by the French in the 70s and popularized by the Americans is so versatile now that it has several variants to it. If you want to know more about the vast diversity that balayage hair highlights offer, you are at just the right place, let us move right in.

Full Balayage

As the name suggests, this balayage technique is employed to color the whole head. Beginning from the center hair partition, extending till the tips; the entire mane is highlighted.

Partial Balayage

For this hair treatment, the balayage is applied to certain hair portions as opposed to a full balayage. Generally, the top layer is touched to give a fuller crown. Or the area around the face is balayage, to tenderly sculpt the features.

Subtle Balayage

Subtle balayage is a softer technique. Those areas of the hair are highlighted which catch light or which are prone to fade naturally. This technique is opposite to the high contrast balayage, where you keep your hairs’ natural tones without going overboard. It will work well for you if you are a first-timer and intimated by the final results. You can get a subtle one to see if it suits you or not.

American Balayage

American balayage is the type of highlight that uses an open-air technique coupled with hair foiling. The stylist will cover certain portions of hair with foils and paint the remaining hair between them. This technique is ideal for dark-haired women or those who want to highlight hair closer to their scalp and is also a perfect non-invasive face-framing tool.


Another type of hair balayage is foilyage that is again self-explanatory. Here the stylist wraps certain pieces of hair in foil. The balayage is first painted and then foil is applied around the balayage pieces which lets the highlighted hair blend well into the lighter colored hair. The highlighted background and lighter foiled hair seem to transition smoothly into each other, avoiding any sharp creases.

Reverse Balayage

Also known as inverted balayage, this look is ideal for blondes. Stylists will suggest using darker colors like grays or browns for the hair tips. The entire hair look is more on the high maintenance side because contrasting colors are used. The final look is close to ombre and resonates well with the name reverse balayage.


These are very soft, warm, and subtle highlights making them low maintenance. You will forget to visit your salon for months. Since the process involved is pretty intricate, it becomes very time-consuming.

Californian Balayage

Balayage is a very creative hair coloring technique mastered by the stylists, there is diversity in its types. Californian balayage is another one of them; a more in-depth variant of the classic balayage; where more of the roots are covered.


Another very creative side of hair coloring, where glitter is applied to hair roots to glam you up for your next night out.

Stardust Balayage

Stardust balayage is quite similar to ombre in a way that the top hair remains untouched. Only the bottom down hair is highlighted.

Palm Painting

This version of balayage is another example of a highly creative coloring technique that sure does involve mastering the art. Traditionally, stylists use brushes for coloring hair, but here you will notice the stylist just using his palms to blend the color seamlessly.


Shunning a brush and opting for a sponge, this coloring technique is best for textured hair.


Splashlights is a balayage technique in which the highlights are applied to only the middle section of hair. If you have tiny cropped hair and want to give them a fuller and longer feel, go for splashlight balayage.


Instead of just lightening the hair color, this technique warms up the base color too.

Ponytail Lights

Even with hair tied up in a ponytail, you can flaunt your balayage. This version involves highlighting the top layer of hair from beneath and is ideal for longer hair.

These were a few of the variants. There is a whole untapped universe in the balayage field, which only the right balayage trained stylists from top rated hair salons Rockville can unleash.

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