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Should I Proceed With A Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Your shoulder rotates and moves a lot throughout your life. This movement is due to some muscles in the shoulder which allow the shoulder to move at your will. These muscles and tendons can undergo some problems as well which can be overcome by either non-surgical or surgical methods as recommended by orthopedic surgeons. If you want to proceed with surgery, here is what you should know.

What Are Rotator Cuffs?

Your shoulders consist of a magnificent connection of several muscles and tendons. This union of muscles, tendons and connecting tissues are what make your shoulders free to move. These muscles and tendons are encapsulated in a cuff-like anatomy. These muscles are responsible for movement of shoulders, rotation of shoulders, lifting up of the arms and shoulders and moving them sideways as well. This intricate connection of soft tissues, muscles and tendons is known as the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a very vital part of your body, because without it, your shoulders are unable to move.

Rotator Cuff Problems

There are several problems associated with the rotator cuff, since it is such a complex union of muscles and soft tissues. Some of the complications or injuries of rotator cuff are as follows:

  • Excessive pain in the shoulders, which will inhibit movement of the arms and rotation of shoulders.
  • Tearing of muscles and tendons, due to impact or stress on the shoulders, can cause the anatomy to disrupt and cause pain and dislocation.
  • With age, the muscles and tendons get extremely weak and a slight impact can be enough to cause an injury or deformation in the shoulder or rotator cuff.
  • If you fall on your arm, your shoulder and rotator cuff are prone to more injuries and damage.

Treatments For Rotator Cuff Pain And Injuries

There are several treatments for rotator cuff injuries which are:

  • Medications, especially pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs, work well, to give you pain relief.
  • If you are experiencing inability to move the shoulders, then you can opt for physical therapy. Physical therapy will give your shoulders a boost and help them get in the swing of movement
  • Surgery is suggested when no option is left. If your shoulder is in extreme pain and you are unable to do anything, while also experiencing numbness and soreness in your shoulder and arm, then this is an issue beyond the control of medication and physical therapy.

When To Opt For Rotator Cuff Surgery

If You Feel Numbness In Your Shoulder

Sometimes with shoulder injuries, there is numbness in the arm. At first, it seems insignificant, but after some time, it won’t go away and you will be unable to move your hand, as if it is paralyzed. This is a serious issue, since the injury might cause pressing on your vital nerves, which is why you are experiencing numbness and tingling in your arm. You need to get it checked immediately otherwise it can translate into a neurological issue. So, don’t waste any more time and book an appointment with your doctor to have your arm and shoulder checked.

If Pain Is Too Much To Handle

Sometimes, the pain only lasts several days, after which it diminishes, but in other serious cases, the pain persists up to several months and even years, if you go on without having your arm checked. Prolonged pain is not a good sign and you need to have a doctor look at your injury to deduce whether it’s serious or not and why it is causing prolonged pain. Usually, surgeries take about 4 to 6 weeks to heal in total. Shoulder injuries take a lot of time to heal post-surgery, because it is so complex and intricately designed.

If Your Tendon Is Teared

If your tendon is teared, then you might not be able to get comfort from pain medication and physical therapy. You will need to go forward with surgery so that the surgeon can stitch up your tendon to allow free movement of the shoulders again.

There you have it! Now you have a complete guide on rotator cuff surgery and how you should proceed with the treatment. Never self-prescribe and always take assistance from shoulder surgeons Woodbridge for the best treatment of your problem.

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