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Ways To Stash Back Pains

If you have experienced a back or spine injury or pain, your back pain doctor would probably restrict you from doing a lot of things. You should avoid heavy lifting and tasks that require too much repetitive bending. Smoking is one of the major things that you should be avoiding too because it will only add up to the negative effects it can contribute to your health and to your lower back as well. The pain will no longer go away as many believed, but you can always do something to prevent it from getting worse and from experiencing back pains in the future.

Preventing Back Pain And Injury At Work

For someone whose work requires hours of sitting at a desk all day long, this situation can take a toll on the back. May it be a sharp, stabbing, aching, and dull feeling, back pain will only make it harder for you to concentrate at work and will just irritate your mood further.  However, there are certain jobs that can cause serious back pressure and injury, like factor and construction workers and nurses.

What Causes Back Pain When At Work?

Because of the significant demands in your workplace, the number of factors that may contribute to back pains and strains is inevitable.

  • Force. 

Lifting or moving heavy objects can stress your back and sometimes may lead to serious injury.

  • Repetition. 

Repeating movements like twisting or rotating your spine can cause back pain and injury.

  • Inactivity. 

A fixated job or desk job can also contribute to back pain and injury, especially if you have inadequate back support or poor posture.

Lifestyle Factors That Contribute To Back Pain

There are certain factors that add up to your back pain condition like aging, poor physical condition, and obesity. But since you have no control in your aging process, you can choose to have a healthy lifestyle that can give you a healthy weight which will lessen the stress being experienced by your back.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is a progressive habit that you can keep. See to it that you are getting enough vitamin D and Calcium that are crucial to your bone health. These vitamins can also prevent osteoporosis, a bone condition that makes it weak and brittle, which can also lead to other bone fractures, injuries and back pains.

Swimming or walking, or doing some exercises that can strengthen and build up your back muscles as well as your abdomen area is also advisable. Physical activities that can increase and improve your balance and strength can ditch the chance of you from falling which may fracture your back. You can do yoga, tai chi, and other weight-bearing exercises to challenge your balance and stabilize it. It’s also good for your posture.

For healthy and active adults, you are recommended to have at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week or 75 minutes of zealous exercises weekly. If you can keep up with this routine weekly, much better, do also include some strength training exercises at least twice a week for better results.

How To Rule Out Back Pain While Working

Back pains will always be there so do not expect it to desert you or what not. The best thing that you can do is to observe and try some steps that can help you avoid the symptoms of back pains and injuries while you’re at your most productive moment at work.

  • Pay attention to your posture.

Never slouch and always keep your balance on your feet.

  • Lift heavy objects properly.

Tighten your core muscles and lift with your legs. Keep the object close to your body while holding it tightly.

  • Try other alternatives for repetitive activities.

Try using lifting devices when there is one available. When tied to your desk, make sure that everything on your table – including you, are positioned properly.

  • Listen to what your body is telling you.

Walk around and do some stretching if you have been sitting for a long time. Otherwise, you can always consult a back pain specialist McLean to advise you other tips that you can try for your back pain problems.

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