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8 Ways Granite Countertops Are Better Than Quartz Countertops

Confused on whether to use granite countertops or quartz? Let’s know why granite is better according to granite countertop companies.

Granite is Highly Heat Resistant

When you will contact any granite countertop companies, you will get to know that granite countertops are made under high temperatures and naturally resistant to high temperatures. On the other hand, quartz countertops are not this much heat resistant and may even burn if comes in contact with hot surfaces. In fact, it is high advised not to put any hot stuff directly over the quartz surface while you can be as carefree with granite countertops as you want. However, heat can damage the sealing of granite countertops so it is advised to be bit of careful with hot stuff but granite material itself will not damage at all for sure.

Granite Can Withstand Exposure to Sunlight

The best part of granite countertops is that they can withstand direct exposure to sunlight while quartz countertops fades in color very soon if expose to sunlight more. So, if you are planning to design an outdoor kitchen in your backyard than granite countertops are the best option to go for.

It is Not Easy to Get Any Scratch on Granite Countertops

As sharp edges and hard sponges are not recommended to be used on quartz countertops as per the quartz countertop contractors, it is not the case with granite countertops. It is really not easy to scratch your granite countertops as they are highly resistant to scratches. And of course, accidents do happen like a heavy pot may fall over the granite countertop from the cabinet above but it will only cause a slight scratch that can be easily repaired. While you will get a lot of scratches even with a tough rubbing from harsh sponge during cleaning.

Granite Countertops Are Highly Durable

When compared to quartz countertops, of course granite countertops are highly durable among the two. Since granite is tough and rugged stone so you can do anything on it without worrying much. In fact, you can even directly cut your vegetables over the granite countertop without being worried for it to catch scratches. Granite countertop companies feel very easy to offer warranty because of this natural factor of being scratch free and they guarantee that you can get your knives dull but won’t end up with any scratch on the countertop.

Granite is Cost Efficient

Well when it comes to money, Granite is the obvious winner as it is way cheaper than quartz countertops. Quartz countertop contractor can better tell you the difference between both but it is approximately around 30 USD per square foot costlier than the granite countertops. The difference can further increase if your bathrooms or kitchen are of bigger sizes.

Granite is More Environment Friendly

Though quartz and granite are both environment friendly materials but when compared both, granite is found to be more environment friendly. It is because granite is a completely natural stone while quartz is 93% natural material with some additives, color pigments and synthetic processes. So naturally, the manufacturing processes of granite countertops produces fewer carbon emissions than manufacturing of quartz countertops.

Granite Have More Variety of Colors and Designs Options

You can choose any color or any design from a variety of options available in granite countertops while it is the case with quartz countertops. You can visit granite countertop companies and you will how many colors and designs are available to match your home décor while you will have a very limited options in case of quartz countertops. The reason behind is that granite slabs are always different in mineral patterns and colors which results in unique piece which is not formed earlier and cannot be formed again.

Granite Adds Value to Your Home

There is always some point of time when you need to shift your home and so you look for real estate agents to sell your house in the best possible cost. So, if you have granite countertops at your home then it adds a great value to overall cost of your house while it is not the case with quartz countertops. Even the quartz countertop contractors Raleigh NC also advise you to go for granite countertops if you have any plans of selling home in near future as it can increase value of your home significantly.

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