Thursday, 25 April 2024

Abortion Myths That Should Be Dismissed

There are so many abortion myths that can cause confusion, and sometimes it can be damaging. Those misconceptions will be discussed here, so check them out

Anti-abortionists can be very aggressive in their views, and it can scare women while trying to make them feel guilty. You will find deceptive information about abortion clinics and the procedure itself that are completely untrue. With the internet, it has become easy for them to penetrate readers and make them think that abortion is totally unsafe and evil. This is not the case because there are a lot of myths that need to be debunked.

Find out what those myths are and maybe you have already heard most of them.

Myth 1: Abortion can drive you nuts (post-abortion syndrome)

No evidence has been found to prove that post ‘abortion syndrome’ exists. Evidence says that women are relieved after an abortion, and a lot of them have received support. They also feel like they made the right decision, and there is no psychological or emotional trauma after that.

Yes, they can have negative feelings because of the decision but if it was not forced, she will feel relieved afterwards.

Myth 2: It is dangerous

There are many anti-abortion extremists who try to scare women about getting an abortion by saying it is unsafe. Abortion is a very common and safe medical procedure today. About 1 million women undergo an abortion each year in the USA. Most of them have it done in their first trimester, and less than 1% lead to serious complications. If you will think about it, abortion is a lot safer compared to childbirth.

Myth 3: Extremely painful

You can normally expect cramping and bleeding, which could become strong after an abortion. Abortion clinics always provide pain relief after the procedure.

Women are always informed on what they should expect, make a wise choice on which method they must use, and understand what happens to their body in different stages. After that, they are more prepared and can cope with the after effects.

Myth 5: It will make you barren

Getting an abortion will not impact a person’s reproductive health that causes them to become barren. A first trimester abortion is known to be safe, and even if there are false claims linked to abortion regarding miscarriage and infertility, there is no scientific data to support them. In the past, there were risks of physical damage and infertility because of unsafe abortions performed by unskilled individuals. Decriminalizing abortion gives women access to professionally trained providers to perform the procedure, and the quality is not compromised. It will just be considered as any other health procedure and they will receive the right support and medical advice. This will prevent them from going through illegal procedures. In addition, this poses risk to their reproductive health and fertility.

These are the myths you will normally hear about early pregnancy abortion DC in general. Be careful who you listen to and only ask for advice from professionals.

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