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Heat Pump Isn’t Switching To Heating Mode

Heat pumps are designed to keep your house warm and cozy when it is chilling outside. It is common for these machines to develop some problems, which leads to people quickly calling for a heat pump repair specialist. However, a lot of times, the problems are quite simple and can be fixed on your own and your heat pump not switching to heat mode might be one of them. So, let’s discuss some possible fixes alongside troubleshooting other common heat pump problems.

Thermostat Issue

The thermostat is the first component that needs to be checked. It functions as the brain of the entire unit. In some cases, dirt and dust accumulation overtime can cause the thermostat to malfunction temporarily. Even though it is rare for thermostats to give up too soon, but that does not mean it is impossible. Electrical components can give up anytime just like mechanical components.

In addition to that, the wires connecting the thermostat to the system can also become corroded or cracked, hindering the flow of electricity. In addition to that, the majority of thermostat issues are also due to calibration. First, check if the thermostat is set to the right temperature. If the problem still exists, you will need to contact a professional.

A faulty thermostat will not inform the heat pump to produce hot air. The entire unit lingers in a state of confusion, which ultimately puts stress on the components. Therefore, if it is a thermostat issue, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Leaking Refrigerant

Another possible cause might be a leaking refrigerant. If your heat pump unit is leaking air, it will not be able to produce either cool or hot air. The reason is that a heat pump requires a specific amount of refrigerant to function. In the winters, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the surrounding air, which helps the system heat the home.

However, if the refrigerant happens to be leaking, you will notice that the house is not warming up. In addition to that, the unit will not produce hot air. In such a case, the heat pump components will push themselves extra hard to keep up with the temperature. Then again, this will put extra stress and might lead to expensive repairs or replacements.

The problem with leaking refrigerant is that it is hard to notice in most cases. If there is a puncture somewhere, you will not be able to detect it. With that said, it is better that you consult a professional who knows his way around heat pumps.

Reversing Valve Malfunction

Finally, it comes down to the main component that is responsible for switching modes, the reversing valve. If none of the previous problems exists, it means that the reversing valve might be malfunctioning. Sometimes, the valve gets stuck in a specific mode or in between modes. This might be due to the solenoid, which can be repaired. In other cases, you might need to replace the component that is contributing to the problem.

Other Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat Pump Does Not Run

If you notice that the heat pump is not turning on, it might be due to a malfunctioning component or the thermostat. In most cases, you are going to need an adjustment. However, if you have replaced a faulty component and the unit still does not function properly, it means the replaced component was not the right type.

Furthermore, you should check the power supply to the heat pump. If the connections are fine, check the circuit breaker and blown fuses. Try replacing them to fix the issue.

Heat Pump Cycles Incorrectly

If you notice that the heat pump turns on and off frequently, it means there is probably a thermostat issue. This usually happens when the thermostat is not properly calibrated. Moreover, it could also be due to the air filter being clogged. In this case, you should try cleaning or replacing the air filter.

While you are trying to fix the issue, also check the fan or faulty valves that might be causing the problem.

Final Word

Even though heat pumps are designed to last for years, but sometimes it is quite normal for them to develop electrical problems. These problems are easy to fix but you need to keep an eye out to get them immediately fixed by HVAC companies Tyson’s Corner. Otherwise, if such problems are ignored, you might end up with expensive repairs or replacements.

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