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How To Choose A Home Office Rug

The work from concept started with the pandemic but has stayed even after normal life started. Many corners in houses have been converted into personal yet professional home offices. But your home office is complete after you have given a whole new dimension – the placement of a handmade rug.

Choosing a rug specifically for your home office is not an easy task. You have to look for a personal touch as well as a professional appearance. Your home office is a space that should inculcate creativity and productivity and should persuade you to perform your professional work along with being in sync with your home decor. The rug will add dimension to your home office and act as a motivating factor for your work along with being a welcoming homely look.

The Size Of The Rug

This is the most important point you should see when choosing a home office rug. A rug that is too small will not add an oomph factor to your home office and a rug too big will make your office look cramped and overpowering. Make sure the rug is not wall-to-wall fitted but leave at least 20 inches of space after the rug placement.

The Placement Of The Rug

The placement is another factor that should not be overlooked. Your home office is naturally not a very big space, so you want to place it in a manner that has a personality. If your home office is a corner of the house then make sure to place the rug under your desk and extend it outwards. Leave ample space that when you pull out your chair, it should be on the rug.

Also, if you have a small cabinet or a set of drawers, that should be on the rug. If your home office is a small room then your office table and chair should be placed in the center and the rug should be in the center under the table. But it should extend at least 60% of the whole room. You can even place two or more rugs if the space allows. If there is a coffee station then you can place another rug in front of it to segregate the area. Rugs will make your office look more organized. If you have chairs for your clients, then the rug should cover their part of pulling the chair as well.

The Shape Of The Rug

Since it is your home office, you can give it your personal touch by choosing a different rug shape. You can go for a round-shaped rug or a curvy design provided it does not disturb the office aesthetics. Make sure it does not get too funky because then it will act as a distraction in your work. Also, if your furniture is round, then a round rug will not be suitable.

The Color Of The Rug

The color of the rug should coordinate with your home theme. Your home office is a part of your house and not a separate section. Mix and match the colors of your house. If your house has dark colors then you can go for muted tones.

If your house has all subtle colors then you can add a dark-colored rug to pull the aesthetic altogether. Make sure to not outdo the colors as you want it to be professional as well. So, stick to solid colors. If your office furniture is light-colored, then opt for a dark-colored rug and vice versa. The same colors will merge the look of the office and not let your statement rug piece stand out.

The Rug Pattern

With rugs, you can choose anything but since it is for your home office you have to give it a professional feel. It should be durable and be able to withstand high pressure and traffic and should be in accordance with your office as well as accentuate your personal touch and style. Persian rugs, hand-knotted rugs, geometric patterns, solid-colored matters, and oriental rugs will give your home office a fresh feel.


Your home office is your personal office space which should be welcoming and motivating for you so you can be more productive and relaxed. Head to Persian rug stores Northern VA to find some beautiful, traditional area rugs.

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