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Important circumstances that make pregnancy termination unavoidable

There had been considerable increase in the number of abortion of pregnancies due to various reasons. Most of these reasons may seem to be trivial for the onlookers or for those who are deadly against abortions. For example the contexts that make pregnancy termination unavoidable in US may not be acceptable as ample reasons for abortions in other parts of the world like Asia or Middle East countries. But these seemingly trifle reasons takes huge proportions in the particular context in which the abortion is taking place. The contexts acceptable in one society or in one part of the world may not be acceptable in another society or in another part of the world.

Taking a broad view of the scenario one can think about the most common circumstances that has been accepted as enough reason for an abortion. There are five such common reasons and they are discussed in this article.

Unplanned pregnancy

Many couple face unplanned pregnancy problem. In the early years of their marriage, they may not be ready to receive their first child due emotional reasons as well as financial incompatibility. So some newly married couple opt for medical termination of pregnancy, if they had become pregnant against their normal wish or plan. This type of abortion is mostly taking place in the first trimester. These abortions are relatively risk-free. Pregnant ladies can use abortion pills readily available in the medical shops.

Medical reasons

There can be medical reason that necessitate the termination of the pregnancy in the good interest of the mother as well as the child. Mother having HIV or having mental problems, risk of life of the pregnant woman or risk of life of the fetus etc are some of the medical reasons that compels the termination of the pregnancy. Such termination of pregnancy can be heart breaking and stressful as by this time the mother would have developed immense love towards the fetus growing in her womb.

Pregnancy due to incest relationship or as a result of rape:

In many countries abortion of pregnancy for the reason stated above is allowed and is legal. Considering the social impact and physiological problems that may arise in future, it is advisable to go for termination of pregnancy in cases like this even if the pregnancy has moved to the second trimester.

Teenage pregnancy

Pregnancy may arise unknowingly or without intention at a very teen age. In most cases the girl would be underage and naturally will opt for medical termination of her pregnancy. The girls included in this type of pregnancy are either school students or college girls who became pregnant in close contacts during an excursion or from an uncle, teacher or similar persons. The unwanted pregnancy that arises as a result of teenage sex is coming under this category.

Financial stability

Financial instability is one of the main reasons for the increase in abortion rates among modern youth. After getting married the youth will be having well planned ideas and dreams about becoming parents and bringing up of the child. Such people when they become pregnant by some carelessness will not be willing to bring up their child under financially unsupportive circumstances. This kind of pregnancy is often terminated in the early stage itself. But in some cases there may be difference of opinion between the husband and wife and the abortion may get delayed and move to the second trimester.

The above mentioned reasons are the common reasons for abortion. There can be some more reasons also. One mother who may be happy with the single child she is having or two or three child she is having. She may not be happy to get one more child. She may tell that I do not need any more children. What I am having now is enough for me. I want to grow him in a better way. I am happy with it.

Some other mothers may be compelled to terminate the pregnancy in abortion clinic Washington because they know that it was not born out of the wed lock. In some cases, the husband or some other family members may insist for abortion for some particular reasons.

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