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My AC Is Not Turning Off

While an air conditioning system not turning on is one problem, on the other hand, failing to turn off is another. Homeowners often find themselves stuck in situations where their air conditions systems simply fail to turn off. Although it is rare but it happens, and you should take help from air conditioner repair services for finding a solution. So, let’s discuss the potential reasons and what you can do to fix it.

Check The Thermostat

The first thing you should consider when it comes to your AC not turning off is the thermostat. It might be that the thermostat settings are not allowing the AC to reach the desired temperature. This mostly happens when users set the temperature too low or due to some other fault with the air conditioning system. A thermostat that is set at unreasonably low temperatures will keep the AC running until it reaches the desired setting. As a result, the air conditioning system will undergo extreme stress and lead to higher monthly bills.

The best way to check if the thermostat is working is by setting the temperature at room temperature. Once the temperature is achieved, the AC should turn off. However, if it doesn’t, chances are that some other component is causing the problem.

Clean The Condenser

Your air conditioning system comes with a condenser that is designed to cool the air by removing heat. Over time, these condenser coils become dirty. As a result, the condenser has to work harder and heats up. Such a situation will not allow the condenser to cool air as effectively and efficiently.

In many cases, the air conditioning system will not be able to reach the desired temperature and therefore, it will remain turned on to cool the room down. To diagnose the problem, you can simply check the condenser coils for debris and dirt. If the coils tend to be dirty, you will need to clean them first and then test the system.

Check The Fan Limit Switch

The AC unit has a fan attached that is controlled by the thermostat. Most units come with a fan limit switch to override the fan. If the user tends to override the fan, it will keep running ignoring the instructions of the thermostat.

In addition to that, sometimes this switch can get flipped accidentally. Therefore, make sure that the switch is set to “auto”. When switched to auto, you are instructing the fan to run when the thermostat calls for it. Otherwise, the unit will remain in a state of confusion, not turning itself off.

Circuit Board Problem Or Relay

Every electronic appliance is controlled by a circuit board and relay. Often referred to as the brain of an electronic appliance, the circuit board handles all the features and ensures that the unit is working at its optimum. However, if it were to become faulty, the air conditioning system would fail to work.

In other cases, it might be a bad relay that is causing the problem. A malfunctioning relay will either not allow the unit to turn on or off. Therefore, you will need to consult a professional in this matter. The circuit board tends to be a sensitive and complicated unit. Considering the sensitivity, you should only let a professional check it for issues.

Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep your ac running in tip-top condition is by performing routine maintenance. Every manufacturer recommends periodic maintenance depending on the area where the unit is installed. If the user happens to live in a comparatively dustier area, the unit might require double maintenance checks in a month.

The aim of routine checks and maintenance is to identify and fix potential AC problems beforehand. It is most often that homeowners tend to ignore the tiniest of problems, which later turn into big ones. Therefore, routine maintenance tends to prevent such situations and keeps the user informed.

Final Word

Concluding, identifying and solving problems related to your AC not turning off is easy but sometimes you might need a professional’s hand. You should take note of the tips stated above and make sure that you don’t experiment with sensitive parts of the unit, and hire HVAC repair services Stony Brook to repair and maintain your AC system.

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