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Online Review Management: 7 Types Of Reviews You Need In Your Business

For you to attract people to your products, you need online reviews. Online review management experts observe that you need a wide range of reviews for you to attract enough following. The different types of reviews that you need include:

Reviews from skeptical converts

When you have a new product or service, people are going to be skeptical about whether the product will be ideal for them. When you have reviewers admit that they were hesitant at the start to buy from you, but they went ahead anyway and they are happy, it sheds your products in good light.

When you have these reviews on your page, you will definitely win over a few people that weren’t sure whether your product is what they were looking for.

Criticizing reviews

You need negative feedback for you to grow. When you see negative reviews, it means that your customers are having pain points that you should address. Negative reviews are not only a turnoff for future buyers, they also will most likely prevent you from acquiring new customers.

You should regularly go through negative reviews and try to fix the problematic areas. It’s always wise to contact the reviewers that left the negative reviews and ask them about the specific areas they would like you to address.

Specific praises

All types of positive reviews are of great value to the success of your online marketing efforts, but the ones that skyrocket your brand are those that address specific aspects of your product or service.

When you have reviews giving specific praises, it shows the features that the customers appreciate and the areas that you should pay more attention to.

Reviews left by influencers

Are there leaders in your industry? Their reviews are of great value to your business as they show the customers that you have attracted the attention of the who’s and who’s in your area.

It’s good that you get online reviews from leaders who have great knowledge and experience on your products and services but even if the people don’t have special knowledge, there is no harm in having their reviews. This is because they most likely have a large following which might mean business in the future.

Reviews from industry experts

You want the experts in your industry to say good things about you and your products. In addition to their reviews strengthening your brand, they also tend to make other people leave positive reviews.

This is because people respect their opinions and don’t want to go against their word.

You don’t have to get thousands of these reviews. A handful of them are enough to get your brand to astronomical heights.

Useless reviews

If you have been in business for a long time, you are bound to come across reviews that sound comically bad and don’t make any sense. You shouldn’t put a lot of weight on these reviews as they don’t mean much.

On the other hand, if you notice that the reviews are too far off the wall, it might be a sign that a reviewer is confusing your business with another. In some cases, it might be a competitor who is using fake accounts to bash you online.

It’s hard to tell as a layman. If the reviews are too many, you should consider hiring an expert who will help you with the analysis and advice you on what you should do next.

Overall rating

Many people won’t go to the extent of reading individual reviews—they will simply take a look at the rating of your business or product and make a decision on whether to buy or not.

Experts that design review management software recommend that you encourage your reviewers to leave as many positive ratings as much as possible.

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