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Commoly occuring problems in electric cooktops

Cooktops are some of the most useful appliances in both commercial and household kitchens. These appliances provide a great heat source, that which we use to cook a huge range of foods. Electric cooktops are nowadays the biggest priority for most homeowners. And these appliances work quite hard. Hence, occasional cooktops repair is also very necessary.

Without a doubt, cooktops are extremely vital for many kitchens. This is because they are very easy to install, and they also provide a constant temperature while cooking foods. As a result of this, foods cook very efficiently on to of an electric cooktop.

Common problems occurring in electric cooktops

Of course, there are many more benefits of buying cooktops. However, this article is related to the different problems that can occur in cooktops. By recognizing these problems, you will be able to take the right precautions when necessary.

Your electric cooktop is not turning on

It is not possible for you to cook on an appliance if it is not turning on properly. In that case, you may suffer from many different issues.

One of the biggest reasons why your cooktop is not turning on is that it is not plugged in properly. So, before investigating other issues, check whether the cooktop is even plugged in or not. If not then, plug it in.

However, if it is plugged in and it is still not turning on, chances are that the plug is faulty. Also, check the power rating. Even if the plug is not faulty, you have to start troubleshooting somewhere right? So, the plug is a nice place to start right at the root.

Coils are not heating

Electric cooktops contain coils that heat up using electricity. This heat then transfers to the pots that contain food and cook the food up. However, sometimes it turns out that the coils are not properly heating up. When this happens, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the coils.

Once common cause of coils not heating up is that the connection in the cooktop and coils is lose. In this case, coils must be removed and cleaned properly.

But note that if you do not place the coils back properly, they will not heat up. So, even if there is nothing wrong withy our coils, a proper positioning can result in faults in the cooktop.

Sometimes, the issue is not with the coils but with the burners. An experienced appliance repair company will be able to tell you where the problem exactly lies.

No indicator lights

Another common issue is that the indicators lights are not turning on. The main reason for this is a bad control switch. Sometimes, control switches become faulty after a lot of usage.

However, this issue is quite easy to deal with. A decent cooktops company will be able to resolve this issue in several minutes. All that they will do is open the cooktop switch up and replace the faulty wires.


It is not uncommon for cooktops to run into different problems overtime. So, do not hesitate to call in help from a professional whenever that happens. There is one rule that applies to all kitchen appliances.

And that is, never delay your appliance repair Northern VA no matter what. This is because otherwise, the kitchen appliances can become faulty and even shutdown due to increased damage. This damage usually comes from repeated use of faulty equipment. Hence, we always suggest homeowners and commercial kitchen owners to be very proactive when dealing with faults in their commercial appliances. After all, their entire kitchen depends on these appliances in reality.



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