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4 Major Questions To Ask About Engineered Stone Countertops

Many of you have heard of engineered hardwood floors, but have you heard of engineered stone for your kitchen countertop? Well, we will be discussing engineered stone countertops and all of its questions regarding installation, how they’re made and so on.

What Is Engineered Stone?

Engineered stone is a material which comprises pulverized stone, which is then glued and pressurized together to form a stone like shape. The adhesive is mostly some kind of polymer, resin or even cement, sometimes. The types of stones which are pulverized or crushed include quartz, mica, glass, etc. Different stabilizers are also added to give the engineered stone some strength and durability and give it properties of a normal stone. It is mostly 70% of crushed material, 20% adhesive and the rest is additives, which impart strength and some other properties to the pulverized materials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Engineered Stone Countertops

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about engineered stone.

What kinds of engineered stones are available?

There are plenty of engineered stones which are available. The different stones vary in composition only. Some engineered stones are made of crushed up quartz crystals, which also give the final product some qualities and strength of quartz stone as well.

Some engineered stones are made of Sile stone, which is also a very commonly used material for kitchen countertops. Other stones from which engineered stone is made, include, but not limited to, Caesar stone, Sile stone as well as ice stone. Different stones impart different qualities and characteristics to the final engineered stone, which is why the types of engineered stone are so diverse.

How is engineered stone as a countertop surface?

Engineered stone is quite a recent material in the world of kitchen countertops. But it is slowly making its way to become more and more popular and likable. As mentioned above, different compositions of different stones give unique and distinct qualities to the engineered stone. If you are looking to buy an engineered stone countertop, then you need to be aware of its composition and how it will endure under different conditions in your kitchen.

In general, engineered stones are very much resistant to stains of pesky liquids like wine and coffee. Unlike materials like laminate and other delicate countertops, engineered stone countertops are quite robust and they resist heat and impact to a great extent. It is quite comparable in strength with granite and quartz kitchen countertops. Also, because engineered stone is manmade, there is no Porosity in the stone, which doesn’t allow any liquid to seep into the stone and weaken it over time. There is also little to no need to seal the surface of engineered stone, as it is already quite compact and non-porous.

Why should I have engineered stone countertops?

Engineered stone is considered to be quite strong, durable and quite beautiful in design and pattern. Compared to natural stones like granite and marble, engineered stone is very low maintenance. It is very easy to clean. You don’t need any sort of special cleaners or equipment to clean the surface of engineered stone countertop.

You also don’t need any sort of varnishes and sealants to protect the surface of engineered stone. It is also great for busy kitchens, because the surface and sides don’t chip as easily. So, all in all, engineered stone is a good catch and a great option for your kitchen countertop.

What sets engineered stone apart from other materials?

Natural stones like granite and marble, are very delicate, they are expensive and they are extremely high maintenance. They need to be made non porous in order to last longer, they need to be properly taken care of, etc. But engineered stone is quite the opposite. It is a rough and tough material, it doesn’t need special care or high maintenance in order to last long. The cost of engineered stone countertops is also quite reasonable. A foot of engineered stone costs around $60 to $100. So it is quite reasonable.


There you go! These questions and information will act as a thorough guide for you, if you are very curious about engineered stone countertops. You can also talk with granite companies Potomac to learn more different countertop materials.

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