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Why Can’t I Sleep Even Though I’m Tired

Not being able to sleep at night can have deteriorating effects on your mental and physical health. Here are some reasons why you are unable to fall asleep regardless how tired you might be and if you need to go to a sleep specialist.

Why Can’t You Fall Asleep?

The inability to fall asleep at night can have some medical meaning behind it. It may be probable that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder or you have a lot of stress on your mind which is built up. Insomnia is one of the many reasons why you are unable to sleep at night. Insomnia is a medical condition and a very common sleep disorder which allows you not to sleep, even though you are tired, feel fatigued and wish to sleep, but you are unable to do so. People with insomnia suffer a lot as their whole routine is messed up and they can’t function properly because their mind is not well rested.

Reasons For Not Being Able To Sleep At All

Along with the possibility of having insomnia, you might also have to make some changes around your sleep routine and schedule. Since insomnia has to be clinically diagnosed, so you can’t be sure until you consult with a specialist doctor. Other reasons why you are unable to fall asleep at night are as follows:

Your Bed Is Not Comfortable Enough

A comfortable bed is a very important thing when it comes to sleeping peacefully at night. You have to make sure that your bed is comfortable and your sleeping space is less noisy. If you are already having problems falling asleep then an uncomfortable bed will only add more to your problems.

Make sure that your sheets are clean, your mattress is comfortable and your room is nicely ventilated. The right setup of your bedroom will help you fall asleep faster and without any problems. The temperature of your room also matters a lot. Having a thermostat that sets the temperature right at night time, will also help you sleep comfortably and peacefully.

You Are Consuming Too Much Alcohol Or Caffeine

Consumption of alcohol and caffeine right before you are planning to go to sleep is not a good idea. Caffeine and alcohol are formulated to keep you awake at night. They force your brain to be active and increase your heartbeat too, to allow more blood supply in your brain, which is why a lot of energy drinks and coffees have excessive amounts of sugar in them.

Try not to consume too much alcohol and caffeine right before bedtime. Since you are already having problems falling asleep then this will cause a lot of issues for you as well. Avoid the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages about 5 to 6 hours before you plan on going to sleep.

Try To De-stress Before Sleep

Stress is also a major issue when it comes to not being able to sleep at night. You are already stressed about something, and then on top of that, the stress of not being able to sleep will also make you more awake and render your brain and body miserable. This is why you should try to relax more often.

Take a deep breath and try some light stretching or meditation before you fall asleep. Reading some light books like a novel or something that interests you will also make your brain tired. These things will put your mind at ease and you will be able to fall asleep easily.

Have A Set Sleeping Schedule

Having a set sleeping and waking up schedule is amazing for your sleeping habits. Waking up early and starting your day off with exercise will make you active throughout the day. So, at night, your body will be naturally tired and hopefully, you will be able to fall asleep faster and easily. Also going to sleep at one time every night will make your body adaptable to the daily routine.

There you have it. If these things continue, you will be suffering a lot. Make sure that you go to a sleep clinic immediately and find the root cause of the sleep problem.

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