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Prenuptial agreement – though not mandatory but necessary

The drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements between a couple arranging to get married may appear as an awkward process. Nevertheless, drafting a prenuptial agreement is necessary in case the marriage ends in a divorce. The prenuptial agreements consider the division of the marital assests and alimonies when a married couple plans to get divorced. It may occur to you that’s why you need to have a pre-nup while planning a marriage. Take a look:

Why a pre-nup

A prenuptial agreement is always necessary when a couple is planning to get married. This is because any such situation may be arised which may lead to a separation of the couples. A prenuptial agreement would also help in case of sudden death of either of the couple. It is more necessary to have drafting of a prenuptial agreement during following cases:

  • If the couple is on their second marraige .
  • If either of the couple have a child from the previous marriage.

You will now look into such assets that comes under consideration during the agreement.

The assets that comes under consideration during a pre-nup

The parties coming together to make such an agreement are allowed freedom with regards of to the following:

  • The things that come under such consideration is the belongings that the marrying couple already possess. Such things would also come under consideration which the couple is likely to aquire during the marriage.
  • The agreement gives the couple the right to buy or sell of any such belongings during or after the divorce. Such agreement would also allow either or both of the couple to put such belongings into lease when required.
  • Such an agreement also allows the disposition of such property upon separation or death of either of the couple.
  • The properties that would be acquired as an alimony would also be considers among them.

It may not look very soothing to discuss a prenuptial agreement when a couple is planning to get married but it is really important to have such an agreement. A prior making of such an agreement curbs you off the huge harassment to have a division of your properties during getting a divorce. A nuptial agreement should also be drafted to save a lot of your time and money if you ever decide to end your marriage. Therefore, though not mandatory, but a prenuptial agreement should be made with the assistance of divorce lawyers fairfax, during marriage.

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