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What Is Solar Car Window Tinting

Solar car window tinting was introduced in 1960. Back then, these films would bubble and lose color after prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Then in the 90s, a hybrid solar film that offered both privacy and helped block the UV rays was introduced. Such hybrid films exist today as well with ceramic solar films being a new development. So, let’s take a deeper look into what solar auto window tinting is and how can you benefit from it.

How Solar Films Work?

Solar films as the name implies, are designed to block the radiation that enters through the windows. As a result, the interior of your vehicle remains comparatively cooler. The reason is that these films consist of special components that are embedded during the manufacturing process to reject UV rays. Furthermore, these films are beneficial for people who live in areas that experience extreme heat and blazing sun most of the year. Therefore, installing the solar film not only keeps the interior cool but protects it as well by preventing direct harmful exposure.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Tint Window Films?

Solar films apart from their translucent shade tend to have several more benefits to offer. For one, they do a great job in blocking heat and UV rays. In addition to that, it enhances your driving experience by lessening the glare by upto 87%. Since the film aims to block the UV rays, your car will remain cooler without it needing an air-conditioner. Another important benefit of solar films is that they keep you safe from skin cancer. Your skin being constantly exposed directly to the sun can lead to skin cancer. Solar films in that respect block 995 of the harmful rays passing through your windows and landing directly on your skin.

How Solar Tint Improves Your Driving Experience?

Apart from protecting the upholstery of your vehicle and preventing its interior from sun damage, solar tints can upgrade and take your vehicle to a whole new level. To begin with, its translucent appearance allows your exterior to shine. However, do not worry, the tinted car window glass will not take the attention away from your sparkling paint job. In addition to that, perhaps the biggest benefit of a solar film is that it protects your investment, which is your vehicle. Well-maintained and looked after cars tend to come with great resale value as well. If you were to decide to sell your car in the future, you will be assured that it will fetch a good value since its condition and state are appealing.

People who are looking for comfortable used cars tend to value the interior of the vehicle more than the exterior. If your upholstery is worn or torn from certain places, they will most likely lose interest. Therefore, it is important that you keep the interior of your vehicle looking the best by installing solar tints.

Does Tinted Glass Block UV Rays?

All glass blocks UV rays up to a certain point at least. Most premium vehicles today come with factory-fitted windows that block UV rays. However, it is not that common amongst regular and average vehicles. If your vehicle does come with factory-fitted tinted windows that are specifically made to block UV rays, then it will surely do its job.

How To Choose A Solar Film?

While there are many people providing the best services for the buck, unfortunately, there are others as well that only exist to rip people off. When it comes to choosing a solar film for your vehicle make sure that you opt for a source that is certified in dealing with the films. Solar films tend to be a bit pricey but at least you will have the guarantee that your money is going to the right place. Furthermore, these tint films come with a guarantee as well. Make sure that you get your hands on that as well on paper if possible.

Final Word

Concluding, solar car tint films do an amazing job when it comes to blocking UV rays and protecting the interior of your vehicle. Just make sure that you purchase and get it installed from a car window tinting shop Springfield that is reliable and also certified.

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