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How Do You Do Balayage On Dark Hair

The talk about balayage is buzzing a lot these days in salons, magazines, and beauty blogs. It is basically a safer approach than dyeing your hair. Balayage hair salons call it “to sweep.”

So, balayage is the ultimate way to make your hair look sun-kissed, even in autumn. Want to know how you can balayage your dark hair? Read on to learn about it.

How To Get Ready For The Process?

Before getting your hands on the process, you should know that you’re going to bleach your hair. And hair bleaching is a serious business. If you’ve never done this before, better leave it to the professionals. Or when doing this process, make sure to be gentle on the surroundings, like your hands, the hair strands, and the shirt you’re wearing.

What you need for the process is:

  • A bowl
  • A tint brush
  • A pair of gloves
  • Clips
  • A comb
  • Balayage board
  • A towel

This will make sure that you’re not messing up with your t-shirt and also doing it professionally.

What Is The Best Technique To Do Balayage?

As mentioned by many hair colorists, the key to a fantastic dye or balayage lies in its sectioning. If you know how to perfectly section your hair, you’ll ace it. Otherwise, it’s just something alien to you. Now, there are two ways of hair sectioning, and either of them depends on how you wear your hair.

Moreover, select smaller, thin sections. Then, comb those sections for a smooth experience. For applying the bleach, there are two ways, either to do it with a brush or else with your hands. No matter what method you choose, be sure to not touch your scalp, as it can cause irritation.

How To Get Best Results?

It’s not the dye that gives your hair a new and a mod look, it’s the bleach. If the bleach has been applied perfectly and in the right amount, it will perfectly lift any dye. Also, in case of a subtle look, bleach will make a precise application.

Furthermore, make sure you’re applying the bleach in the right way. A lot many hair colorists put focus on this thing. In this regard, do extensive research and know what is best for your hair. Also, read instructions on the products carefully.

Why You Should Consider Balayage

Who would not want subtle brighten hairstreaks, giving your hair a stylish look with less effort? And by its popularity, you can tell this trend is going to last for long. So, you should consider it as well because it’s a safer approach towards changing your hair color. You’re not actually changing the hair color, just sweeping the dye.

Also, the soft shading makes your hair look like melting into each other. You can choose the shading between light to dark, according to your choice. Especially when you have thick hair, balayage hair highlights is the best choice.

On What Kind of Hair Does Balayage Suits

Many wonders that maybe it’s the dye color or the hair type which suits the balayage best. But that’s not the case. Balayage is for almost every hair kind, no matter if you have long or short hair. It looks best on all. The only condition is healthy hair.

Therefore, be sure to test your hair before the process. Apply the bleach and see the outcome. If it comes out brittle, then it’s not your time to balayage your hair. Give them some break.

After Care Tips

Unlike dyeing, the balayage doesn’t need many touch-ups. You only got to do it once, and then you’re free to experiment with your hair. It’s not that the hair color starts looking bad if you don’t retouch it. In fact, as the balayage hair grows, it gets more subtle and melting, which makes your hair look beautiful.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the color to fade away too soon, use sulfate-free shampoos. Moreover, take good care of your hair health as you’ve applied bleach. Or otherwise, your hair will suffer breakage.

It is highly recommended to use toner to avoid brassiness and also to maintain the color. And it would be best if you apply a hair mask once a week. Get balayage services from an expert salonist to have natural-looking hair highlights. Hypno

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