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How Do I Stop My Hair Extensions From Itching

Hair extensions are nothing less than a magic wand that makes your short hair look long in an instant. It’s best if you get them from salons that do hair extensions. But, sometimes, you can experience itching or an uncomfortable feeling on your scalp. Here are the reasons why your hair extensions can be causing an itch and how to deal with it.

It Will Be Itchy After Getting The Extensions

If it’s your first time getting hair extensions, then you need to be prepared to feel some tugging and itching sensations in your scalp. Along with the heaviness of your extensions, you will also feel like something is crawling on your scalp. It is normal to feel this and you will get used to it as time goes on. But it will be something you need to get used to.

The Adhesive Might Cause Itching

Some extensions have adhesives or are sewn into your hair and this might cause your scalp to become sensitive to the adhesive. If you have an extremely sensitive scalp or skin, you will not be happy with adhesive extensions or sew-in extensions, as you will constantly have the urge to itch, since some adhesives can react with the skin of the scalp and you will feel uncomfortable throughout the whole day.

You will only feel relieved when these extensions are taken out. Try to go for clip-in extensions or rubber band extensions as there is no adhesive in them, which will make your skin itch.

Your Scalp Might Be Dirty

Another reason why your extensions are causing your scalp to be itchy is the fact that your hair might be dirty when you got the extensions in them. You need to make sure that your hair is clean and that there is no buildup of sebum or dandruff on the scalp. Otherwise, it will be hard to clean out and you won’t be able to find relief from the itching sensation. When you go for extensions, make sure your hair is clean.

You Are Washing Your Hair Too Much

Sometimes, too much washing is not a good thing for your hair. If you constantly wash your hair and extensions, not only are you damaging the hair, but you are also making your scalp dry and this might cause dandruff in your hair.

Dandruff is basically dry clumps of your dead skin that can be quite itchy and it also makes your hair look dirty and greasy. To prevent this, try to moisturize your scalp and regularly oil your hair. This will make a world of a difference in your scalp health and you will see the itching getting less and less.

Your Extensions Are Too Tight

The art of putting extensions is also a very important thing to master. The right way of putting extensions is that which will not make your hair feel tight and they will feel like a part of your hair. If the extensions are applied too tightly, then you will feel like something is tugging on your hair and this will make the itching worse.

Another thing that tight extensions lead to is severe hair breakage and this is a very bad thing. Try to have your extensions placed rightly in your hair, without them being too loose or too tight.

Scalp Is Irritated

Some people have sensitive scalps and extensions can only make it worse. The extensions can stick to the scalp, they can cause a lot of itching and burning sensation in your hair. You will feel very uncomfortable. In the case of sensitive scalps, it’s better to do your research when getting extensions. You want extensions that won’t poke you in the scalp and which won’t irritate your sensitive skin even further. Your scalp can also be irritated by using the wrong products, so try to search for the right products for your scalp.


There you have it! These are probably the most common reasons why your hair extensions are itchy and you cannot resist the urge to scratch your scalp. These tips will help you in getting rid of the itchy sensation in your hair and scalp. Get hair extensions in salon Potomac for proper application of extensions.

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