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How To Attach Clip-In Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions to give your hair length and volume is cool until you come to the point of clipping them in. It is a tricky task and best done by salons that do hair extensions. Moreover, if it is your first-time wearing hair extensions, you will definitely need a guide.

Being unfamiliar with the hair extensions is all okay. But you can indeed get more tension on your scalp if you don’t clip in your hair extensions right. Plus, anyone will easily distinguish that you’re wearing an extension if it is not worn properly.

But, don’t worry. Down below, I have collected a good piece of information for you on how to attach clip in hair extensions. This step-by-step guide will clear all your queries. So, let’s dive in.

The process is basically divided into three parts:

  1. The preparation step
  2. Clipping in hair extensions
  3. Blending the extensions with thin and short hair

The Preparation Step

This step is the preparatory step, and it involves:

  • Buying extensions that match your hair color and type
  • Brushing the extensions before applying them
  • Straightening the hair extensions or either curling them to match your hair
  • Preparing your hair for clipping the extensions (washing, drying, and brushing them)

Clipping in Hair Extensions

This is the main and the important step. It includes clipping in the hair wefts step-by-step.

Start To Section Off Your Hair

Brush your hair properly to ensure they are not entangled. Then, section off your hair just below your ear or at the nape of your neck. Put the above hair away by putting them in a bun, and clip in the hair extensions with the hair. Make sure you clip them in as near to the roots as possible. And never put them on the hairline, as it will eventually cause scalp tension and headache.

The first part comes in 3-clip wefts. Always clip the middle weft first and then do the sides. In the clip in hair extensions, the extensions come with comb-like clips. All you have to do is slide in the comb-like clips into the horizontal part and shut them close.

Insert A Smaller 4-Clip Weft

Section your hair at the mid-ear level with the help of your finger or handle of a rat-tail comb. Then, make a bun of the above hair and clip in the 4-clip weft into the horizontal part. Just like before, clip in the middle clips first and then go for the sides.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that you have to insert the smaller 4-clip weft for the mid-ear level. It is because there is a large 4-clip weft as well in the pack. But that’s for the above ear level.

Insert A Larger 4-Clip Weft

Section off your hair above the ear, and put away the upper part of the hair. Then, clip in the large 4-clip weft with the help of the comb-like clips. It is important to note that your hair doesn’t need to be sectioned straight. It’s okay if the horizontal line is a bit untidy or zigzag. Just make sure that no hair strands are interrupting the clip wefts.

Insert A Second 3-Clip Weft

Just like before, clip in a second 3-clip weft by sectioning off your hair. But this time, section them just 2 inches below the crown. Also, make sure to insert the middle clips first and then do the sides. And if you have very fine hair, tease the horizontal part with your comb’s help to make sure the clip weft doesn’t slide off.

Inserting The 2-Clip Weft And A 1-Clip Weft

Clip-in the remaining 2-clip wefts just 2 inches above each ear. Make sure to section off your hair properly before doing so. Moreover, inserting the clips at the sides will give the volume and length to the sides.

Furthermore, insert the remaining 1-clip weft wherever you feel you need some volume and length. You’ll get experienced with it with time and practice.

Blending The Extensions With Thin And Short Hair

If you have short hair, you can either cut or layer your extensions to match your natural hair. Moreover, inserting too much hair extension into the thin hair will make it too obvious that you’re wearing hair extensions. It is better to leave some wefts in that case; your hair will blend right with your extensions then. Plus, you can style your extensions the way you want. For a perfect look, go to a hair extensions salon Potomac.

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