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6 Things To Know Before Getting Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

People who like their hair to be perfectly straightened for a rather long period of time surely opt for Japanese hair straightening. However, there are a couple of things with respect to Japanese hair straightening treatment that you should know at every cost before you make your mind.

You Will Have To Keep Your Hair Unstirred For The First 72 Hours

Now this is the first step of aftercare. The moment you set your foot out of the salon after getting the treatment done, aftercare starts that very moment. You are extremely forbidden to touch your hair in any way for the first 72 hours right after the treatment. You can’t even tuck your hair behind your ear. You can’t even allow the wind to make your hair move back and forth.

No matter how hard it gets for you, you will have to keep your hair unstirred and unmoved for 72 hours. You can’t think of washing your hair for at least 3 consecutive days. You can’t stand under the shower without a swim-cap. You gotta be extremely vigilant for all these crucial hours, or else you might end up ruining your hair.

Your Pin-Straight Hair Will Last For 6 Months

No matter how much you love your pin-straight hair, you better not make yourself get used to it because they are most likely to vanish after 6 months. Better not mistake Japanese hair straightening with some permanent hair straightening treatment. Japanese hair straightening stays for half a year but it ultimately vanishes into thin air, so either it is temporary or semi-permanent. Don’t expect the results to linger for more than 6 to 7 months, because it would be an unrealistic thing to hope for.

You Might Not Need To Comb Your Hair Meticulously

Japanese hair straightening makes your hair go so smooth and frizz-free that you would barely need to move a comb through your hair. No wonder, you might be able to get the job done with your fingers. You know, how much time you lose when you are combing your hair twice a day. It’s 10-20 minutes of your entire day that you easily miss out on because of the tangles that frequently transpire in your hair. You can easily save this much time by getting your hair straightened via Japanese hair straightening.

Hairfall Might Stoop A Lower Percentage Because Of No Tangles

Whenever you comb your frizzy hair, you are on the verge of losing so much of your hair because combing dry and rough hair can be a tough nut to crack. If your hair has lost all the moisture and it often tangles up, you are likely to face hair loss. Japanese hair straightening can save you from this mess as your hair is likely to be pin-straight and absolutely smooth after the hair treatment is done. It’s like a 2-in-1 kind of offer; get rid of a constant hair fall alongside frizz-free and tangle-free hair.

Tying Your Hair Would No Longer Be A Necessity

You can let your hair be knot-free for as long as you want, and there would be no obligation to tie your hair up using a ponytail or a hair-clip. Usually, you are afraid to let your hair go unclipped because this way it is more likely to catch tangles and thatches. But, once you get your Japanese hair straightening treatment done, your hair will not be in close proximity with frizzes and tangles and therefore it would be utterly easy for you to flaunt your open and untied hair.

Use A Shampoo/Conditioner That Is Specifically Made For Chemically Processed Hair

Aftercare is very important, one wrong step can ruin your straight hair so you gotta be really cautious of a couple of things. You need to be careful of the shampoo or conditioner you use after the treatment is done. If you try to use something which makes your pin-straight hair stay for an even longer time, that would be more than great. Hence, read and research before you go out to purchase, and try to be a wise shopper.

And lastly, choose Japanese hair straightening salons Rockville that have a reputation to maintain so you don’t get a botched treatment.

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