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How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing

Google Business Profile enables you to list your business on Google. Anyone searching for the products or services you provide in your locality can see your business given that you optimize it well. Optimization is necessary if you want your Google Business Profile to be ranked higher than your competitors on Google. You can use a review management system to manage Google reviews, but you must follow more optimization mentioned below to achieve a higher local search ranking.

Fill Out All The Section In Your Profile

This is a basic step that many businesses ignore. Customers who are searching for a business for a product or service, favor businesses that have detailed information on their Google Business Profile.

But this is not the only or primary benefit. Google wants to give users the best results and ranks businesses in higher spots that give information detail and fill out all the sections. So, if you follow this practice, you can increase the probability of your business ranking higher.

The same is true for updated information. Whenever any information such as your address, contact number, or business hours change, you should update them on your Google Business Profile and on all other online listings.

Showcase Your Products Or Services

You may have your own website where you can showcase your products or services, but Google Business Profile is a golden opportunity for you to list your products. Anyone who will navigate through your profile listing will be able to see them. So, you can show them your products or services and attract more customers who are genuinely interested in your business.

This section is especially important for businesses that offer products or services that their competitors don’t.

Optimize The “From The Business” Section

Google shows some information about your business using its algorithm and you can’t control it such as the description of your business right under your business name. However, Google provides businesses a section where they can express themselves and tell customers their end of the story called the “From The Business” section.

You have 75 characters in this section to tell people about your business, products, ethics, or anything else you want visitors to know about your business.

When writing, make sure to include key information in the first 25 characters. So, start with what you want the visitors to read. Moreover, include keywords naturally so people can search your business on Google.

However, be careful to avoid repeating the information you have written anywhere else on your Google Business Profile. Plus, don’t include links in this section.

Make Sure The Photos Tell The Story You Want

Google Business Profile listings that have high-quality, descriptive images appear more reputable and authoritative than those with no or vague images.

Not only customers/visitors would like to favor businesses that have images that clearly show their business and products/services, Google likes them as well and rank them higher in the local search results.

To make sure the images are of the best quality, you should not rely on customers to upload photos of your business on Google. They are a valuable addition to your profile and make it appear trusted, but the images from the customers can be low-quality and might not be what you want to project.

So, plan what you want to show on the listing, take high-quality photos that tell a story, and post them on your profile.

You should include photos of the exterior as well as the interior of the business premises, equipment used by your business, your products and services, before and after photos, and more photos.

Moreover, posting new photos regularly can also benefit your Google listing because active profiles are ranked higher.

Ask Customers To Leave Reviews

People don’t believe the words of businesses, but reviews are considered the window through which new visitors judge a business. So, ask your customers to leave a review after they have purchased from you. Stats show that more than 60% of customers leave reviews if you ask them. Therefore, don’t waste the opportunity.


Optimizing your Google Business Profile listing is an excellent strategy to rank higher on Google and attract more potential customers to your business. Use white label review management software to streamline the process of review management.

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