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What Are The Best Hair Highlights Ideas For Blonde Hair

Whenever you want to change or revive the look of your hair, you get it dyed or highlighted to bring vibrancy and change. The go-to option of most women for highlights is blonde; be it ash blonde, caramel blonde, platinum blonde, light blonde, dark blonde, icy blonde, or any other shade of blonde. But wait what you should know before going to a hair highlights salon if you naturally have blonde hair?

Can Blonde-Haired Women Get Their Hair Highlighted?

Obviously yes!! If you have blonde hair that does not mean you cannot get your hair highlighted. It’s just that you cannot get blonde highlights done as they will merge with your hair and the blondes would mix together not giving off a change. There are many options of highlights for women with naturally blonde hair. The best part of having blonde hair is that all types of color will easily be applied to your hair without the need to get them bleached or lightened initially. 

Brown Tones

You have seen brown-haired women opt for blonde shade hair highlights so why can’t it be the other way round, after all the result will be a similar mix of the brown and blonde shade. Go for a caramel shade or honey to get dark colors incorporated into your light ones.

You can also opt for chunky highlights to give a natural and sunkissed look. But you will need to get them reached every 6 to 8 weeks as the roots will regrow in the lighter shade and it will create a mixture of colors. A mixture of brown and blonde shade is known as a bronde so you will be converted to a bronde. The best part of brown tones is that it compliments all sorts of natural blondes, whether warm blondes or cool blondes.


Red color highlights will uplift your hair and create a completely new look. The best part is that red color can be directly applied to your blonde hair and you would not need to get it bleached. Red looks sassy and cool. You can either go for a dark red or a lighter shade of red. But make sure to get reds on warm tones in blonde hair and not the cool and icy shades of blonde hair. But remember to use proper color-treated shampoo as red color fades very fast and turns to a burnt orange which will look ghastly with blonde hair.

Rainbow Color

The unicorn look or the rainbow color is so in trend and what better hair than a naturally blonde hair color to sport the colorful hair palette. But get it done from an expert hairstylist to get completely blown away with the end result.

You can go for chunky highlights in unicorn shades of hot pinks, ice blues, fluorescent greens, and some yellow. Or you can go for the full rainbow seven-color look with either thin streaks of different colors with blues and purples and reds and pink or just go for rainbow shade under your blonde mane. 


Why not opt for blondes only and flaunt your natural hair with other shades of blonde melting in your natural hair without looking too different but creating a subtle classy look in your hair. There are a wide variety of blondes available and every blonde will be different from another one. If you are a darker blonde color then you should get light-colored blonde highlights to create a beautiful blonde color pattern. And if you are a lighter, cooler, and icy shade of blonde, then add some warm and dark blonde highlights for a beautiful color melt in your hair. 

If you want a drastic change in your overall look and hair color then go for bold colors and colors from a different family and if you want a change but not a noticeable one but just a subtle addition and blend of color then blonde is the best option. 


Blonde hair is naturally beautiful and staying in the sun for a long time will surely give you a sunkissed look without getting anything done. So which shade will you go for when getting highlights and balayage services? Hypno

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